The Roster

Richard Watson
Host: The Noobcast
Review & Tech Editor

Richard Watson in an internet addicted news junkie who just happens to find a few minutes in his day to work in the film industry. When Richard’s not scouring the internet for the latest scoops he can be found at the bowling alley. Surfing the internet on his phone. Trying to figure out how to pick up the ten pin spare with the two finger technique. While updating his facebook.

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Christian Cisneros
Panelist: The Noobcast
News & Web Editor

Christian Cisneros has been in the film industry for 9 years now. With extensive experience as a Director, Producer, Assistant Director, Post Production Supervisor, Digital Effects Supervisor, and 3D Animator. Christian has worked on several projects from Feature Films, Shorts, Documentaries, Music Videos, and Commercials. Christian has started to focus more on his Producing and Directing, in the hopes to reach his goal of being a studio director.

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Kevin Minke
Games and Tech
Web Master

Kevin is a multimedia programmer by day and a game/film geek by night. His love of visual storytelling has taken him places he never thought he’d dare tread, and may never return from…

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Brihanna Joi Watson
App Junkie

Bio Coming Soon…

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Dana Archip
Movies and Festivals

Dana has lived in Austin for about 3 years. She moved here to watch and write about film. She has been involved with many different film festivals around the country for about 8 years. She has done everything from taking tickets to theater managing. She currently screens and reviews films for a few festivals in Texas. That’s Ka-blamo!

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Dave Winfrey Jr.
Writer: “The Bone Shack”

Dave Winfrey Jr. is originally from the South East side of Texas and has had a love of film-making his entire life. He loves all aspects of film-making and welcomes any challenge and genre, especially horror films. One of his biggest accomplishments was the Art Direction/Production Design of the Independent Zombie film Risen. Armies of the undead, cities in destruction, morgues, military quarantines, and suburban neighborhoods in ruin were some of Dave’s responsibilities. He thrives in the horror genre with disturbing, gory, or unusual set designs.

The late Bob Burns was Dave’s biggest inspiration and influence to be an Art Director. Bob’s Art Direction in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), with the unforgettable dark tones and atmosphere it set, left a lasting impact on Dave since his youth. He looks forward to bringing his artistic style to the rest of the independent film-making world!. He’s sworn to do whatever it takes whether its begging, borrowing, or stealing to bring his Art Direction/Production design to life for each project he’s on!

Dave is an Art Director, Production Designer, Actor and metal guitarist as well.

e-mail Dave at

Lacy Reed

Lacy has been a music junkie ever since the internet was created. When isn

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