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Top Comic Book Movie Trailers…Ever

Posted on 03 May 2011 by Christian


Trailers are a director’s opportunity to generate interest in his/her project. Some directors miss the mark and drive fans away from their movies, others capitalize and convert newcomers into true-believers.

In light of the recent debate about the Thor, Green lantern, Captain America and X-Men-First Class trailers hitting the airwaves, I began to wonder, what truely makes a trailer stand out? What makes a trailer so good (or so bad), that fanboys will jeopardize all their accumulated “street-cred” to publicly proclaim it and the eventual movie a masterpeice?

Well, I got to thinking about this, and in so doing, researched all the comicbook movie trailers I could find. I established a criteria for evaluating the trailers and then compared my evaluations to the “general feel and concensus” others got from the trailer. Then I made a list.

The Criteria:
1. The Movie must have been published as a comic book (or Graphic Novel or Manga) before or shortly after the theatrical release of the movie.
2. Teasers, TV spots, Sneak Peeks, Behind-The-Scenes and Set-visits were not included in the viewing.
3. Both Green band and Red band trailers were acceptable, but red band versions were always considered over Green where available.
4. The Trailer length could not exceed 3 minutes.
5. In instances with multiple movie trailers (eg. Iron man Trailer 1, Iron man Trailer 2 etc), the trailer with the longest running length under 3 mins was selected)
6. Only live action movies were considered, fully animated movies were not included in the pull of considered movies.

The Nominees:
For a list of the nominees, please view the wikipedia list of Films Based on comics. I looked at every one of these movie’s trailers over the course of the last two months, then I spent time comparing their merits.

Selection Criteria:
1. Level to which the trailer engages and/or captivates the viewer.
2. Universality of content (how easily different kinds of people eg. men vs women, old vs. young, fan vs. newbie could understand the content
3. Story exposition or the extent to which the trailer communicates what the movie will be about without revealing the entire plot
4. General feel and concensus of the movie. What did fanboys and new comers to the content think about the trailers (youtube/traileraddict/google video comments and votes)
5. Box office movie performance, as well as movie reviews were not taken into consideration in evaluating the trailers.

And now, without further ado, I present to you…

The Top 10 Comicbook movie trailers…Ever!

10. Casshern

Years before Snyder and Rodriguez would cause us to marvel at the seamless melding of live action and CGI, Kiriya would give us this slick trailer that is a treat even to non-native japanese audiences.

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Comics: First Look At The New Ultimate Spider-Man

Posted on 18 April 2011 by Christian

As we say goodbye to the Ultimate Universe’ Peter Parker, we welcome a brand new wall crawler with a brand new look.Check it out..

So, Ultimate Peter Parker will be climbing the big water spout in the sky by the time the “Death Of Spider-Man”(Bit of a

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Charlie Sheen, Genius or Absolutely Crazy?

Posted on 03 March 2011 by Christian

Charlie Sheen has moved from radio rants to a full-scale television blitz, appearing on the

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Jesse Eisenberg Does Not Like to Be Mixed Up With Michael Cera

Posted on 07 February 2011 by Christian

In a new profile in The Independent, Jesse Eisenberg said something that was actually not totally self-deprecating: “People recognize me all the time as [Michael Cera]. It’s annoying. I don’t like getting recognized as other people.” (Eisenberg is routinely compared to Cera by industry insiders and publications.) Don’t worry, Eisenberg made up for it with endearingly neurotic sound bites later: “The more people say nice things about me, the more I feel it’s false. Or the more I look for the things that are bad about me, and think those are the real ones. I could overhear somebody say something about me, and it destroys me for a week. Yet I could win an award or hear nice reviews and it feels meaningless. [Winning the National Board of Review prize] was great. But then I immediately found some reason to be miserable again. It’s terrible. I’m able to manipulate things into being bad, which is not a healthy way to live but that’s where I’m at now.” He added that “there has been no change in the type of scripts he has been receiving since The Social Network was released,” and he has not made new friends since the film’s release, either. He had to put in self-effacement overtime after that Cera comment! [Independent UK]

What do you guys think? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Christina Aguilera Forgets Words to National Anthem

Posted on 07 February 2011 by Christian

Christina Aguilera mixed up the words to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday. When she was supposed to sing, “Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, o’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming,” the Grammy winner went with, “Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last reaming.” Whoops. Twitter users were quick to notice, and Aguilera’s Wikipedia page has already been updated to reflect the error. But she otherwise sounded fine! Check it out, below:

Aguilera Flubs National Anthem [ArtsBeat/NYT]

What are your thoughts?

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Razzie Award Shortlist: Jonah Hex, Clash Of The Titans, The Expendables And More

Posted on 04 January 2011 by Christian

The Razzie noms are on their way. And for now we have a shortlist of several movies that may be honoured in the prestigious category of Worst film of the year. Click for the full list and the details..

The Golden Raspery Awards, or “The Razzies” are always a bit of fun. Every year they celebrate the very worst in film making. This year the nominations will be announced on January 26th but here are the shortlist of 12 films that could make the cut. There is only one true CBM(Jonah Hex) but many have spin off comics and have been covered here.

According to the Los Angeles Times Awards Tracker blog, the 12 finalists include ‘Little Fockers,’ ‘Sex and the City 2,’ ‘The Expendables,’ ‘Grown Ups,’ ‘Clash of the Titans,’ ‘Killers,’ ‘The Bounty Hunter,’ ‘Yogi Bear,’ ‘Jonah Hex,’ ‘The Last Airbender,’ ‘Vampires Suck,’ and ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.’ There is also a new category this year: worst eye-gouging misuse of 3-D. Among those eligible films: Piranha 3D, The Nutcracker in 3D and Resident Evil: Afterlife. (No Clash?) Also, Mickey Rourke is expected to receive a worst supporting actor for both The Expendables and Iron Man 2! That I do find a bit strange since I thought he was great in IM2 and about the only good thing in The Expendables! But different strokes I guess.

I haven’t seen all of the above movies but those I have I pretty much despised. What do you think of the shortlist?

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The Best of Video Game Voice Acting. Thanks Japan!!!

Posted on 03 January 2011 by mjones

"He wrote it in his blood." "Way to go kid!"

Ahhhh… Voice acting. Games these days need it. Unless you’re making a retro-styled, soon-to-be-showered-with-critical-Praise Indie Game, it’s pretty tough to tell a story without it. Even the most money tight budget titles I’ve played in the last two years have featured pretty passable voice acting. But it wasn’t always so Kids. And it was doubly-wasn’t so for Japanese games.

There’s a lot of reasons we could list for this. Different cultures; Hiring educational translation firms to read your lines for you; or Even just getting the one one fat, American programmer that’s on your Japanese-Based development team to do 80% of the characters. There’s a lot of methods at fault for the wackiness Japan has peed all over our consoles, like some kind of (probably) Japanese originating fetish or gameshow. But lets not look at the end results as bad, so much as we look at them as Awesome. Think about it, won’t you? Thank you.

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Toy Story 3 Named Highest Grossing Movie Of 2010!

Posted on 31 December 2010 by Christian

PLUS: As their campaign for the “Best Picture” Oscar heats up,

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the beauty of pixar officially made me it’s bitch…

Posted on 29 December 2010 by TH3 No08

If you can sit though this and not feel a little nostalgic you either don’t have a heart, or you don’t have kids. My children were raised on Pixar, we own everything they’ve put out and do our best to see them in the theater when we can. Seeing all these clips reminds me of the great times we’ve had together and how quickly they grow up. Thanks for raising my kids Pixar, you’re doing a much better job than Nintendo did raising me…

The Beauty of Pixar from Leandro Copperfield on Vimeo.

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A Look Back at Those Who Have Passed in 2010

Posted on 20 December 2010 by Christian

I thought it would be interesting to see which celebrities have passed on in 2010, so I’ve compiled a list of those who have passed on.

Recently, we in the “geek” universe lost two iconic figures in Irvin Kershner, director of The Empire Strikes Back, and actor Leslie Nielsen (Airplane). So I decided to look back over the rest of the year to see who else has passed on. For the sake of this being, I will do my best to keep the dearly departed within the realm of our topics, and maybe just toss in a few others for good measure.

James Aubry Actor (Lord of the Flies)
Michael Been Musician (The Call)
Glen Bell Businessman (Founder of Taco Bell)
Barbara Billingsly Actress (Leave it to Beaver)
Manute Bol Athlete (Philidelphia 76ers, Washington Bullets)
Tom Bosley Actor (Happy Days)
Stephen J. Cannell Film/TV Producer (Creator of The Rockford Files)
Art Clokey Cartoonist (Creator of Gumby)
Gary Coleman Actor (Different Strokes)
Robert Culp Actor (I Spy)
Tony Curtis Actor (Some Like it Hot)
Jimmy Dean Entrepreneur/Singer (Jimmy Dean Sausages)
Ronnie James Dio Musician (Black Sabbath, Dio)
Blake Edwards Director (The Pink Panther, Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
Doug Fieger Musician (The Knack)
John Forsythe Actor (Charlie’s Angels)
Frank Frazetta Artist (Creator of Conan cover Art)
James Gammon Actor (Character Actor)
Greg Giraldo Comedian (Comedy Central Roasts)
Peter Graves Actor (Mission: Impossible)
Paul Dedrick Gray Musician (Bassist for Slipknot)
Bob Guccione Businessman (Founder of Penthouse Magazine)
Guru Musician (Rapper from Gang Starr)
Cory Haim Actor (The Lost Boys)
Dennis Hopper Actor (Apocalypse

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Filmography 2010 All 270 Movies in Six Minutes!

Posted on 15 December 2010 by Christian

One of the best videos I’ve ever seen cut,

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When It Comes to R-Rated Movies, Does Sex Still Sell?

Posted on 01 December 2010 by Christian

It’s no surprise that people in the movies are so dour and anxious these days: They aren’t getting any. A little over a decade ago, sex was still commonplace in cinema, and movies like

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Do Comedy and Special Effects Mix?

Posted on 18 November 2010 by Christian


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Warner Bros. Seeking Robert Zemeckis for Remake of The Wizard of Oz

Posted on 17 November 2010 by Christian

In what could go down as one of the worse ideas in

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What Movie Will You See This Weekend?

Posted on 13 November 2010 by Christian

What Movie Will You See This Weekend?
This weekend’s new releases are all over the map. Will it be Morning Glory, the newsroom romantic comedy (newsromedy)? Or Unstoppable, the locomotive on the loose movie pairing living legend Denzel Washington with next-big-thing Chris Pine? Maybe your Eric Balfour fascination will lead you to alien adventure flick Skyline? Is buzzy indie film Tiny Furniture coming to a theater near you? Or are you staying close to your DVR? What’s your pick and why?

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Is All the Prerelease Hype About Harry Potter Spoiling the Movie?

Posted on 10 November 2010 by Christian

We’ve seen a rash of

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