Eight More 80′s Movies Your Children Need to See

Posted on 13 January 2012 by Charles B. French

I should have known. The instant I put out a list of 80′s movies this new generation needs to see, all I hear about are the movies I’ve criminally left off the list. On the plus side, the next column practically writes itself as I am flooded with suggestions.

I get the passion. The 80′s was a profound time for a lot of us. For me, at least, it represents my childhood, and there was no more magical moment than going to the theater, letting the lights grow dim, and seeing something amazing. Plus, it was filled with all kinds of words I’d never hear in my Saturday Morning Cartoons, so that was extra special.

Whether you were a child or a teenager, these movies had a profound impact on you growing up, and in the intervening decades they still stand the test of time. The life lessons, the zany adventures, and the romance will always be with us, and it’s that gift we can pass on to our children.

Here are eight more 80′s movies your children need to see:

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

What it’s about: Two dudes travel in time to complete a book report and save the future.

Why your kids should see it: First of all, there’s the inherent lesson that school is good for you, and completing that history report could have huge ramifications. In reality, though, your kids don’t need it for the academic lessons -they can get those on Magic School Bus- no, they need to know that when strange things are afoot at the Circle K, it’s perfectly all right to talk to strangers who appear out of nowhere in a telephone booth.

It’ll be eye opening for them to see what Keanu Reeves was up to back in the 80′s. They probably know who he is, but they might not have seen his turn as Ted “Theodore” Logan.

The true moral here is that you never know who in history will be important. While there is great fun with watching Billy the Kid and Socrates try to pick up girls at the mall, not to mention seeing Napoleon at the water park, there’s a bigger picture. Bill and Ted are considered, by the future, to be the most important historical figures ever. But in the present, they are two slackers who suck at playing guitar.

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