Six Couples Who Didn’t Kill Their Show

Posted on 09 December 2011 by Charles B. French

Sexual tension is the bread and butter of many dramas and sitcoms. Week after week, the two characters trade barbs and tease the audience with “will they or won’t they” situations in which they come so close to getting together but never quite take the leap. The classic example of this show is Moonlighting, starring

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  1. Kate Says:

    Uh, how about Castle? That show is in Season 3 and is top rated!

  2. Kelly Says:

    I’d add Farscape to the list. John Crichton and Aeryn Sun got together in the first season. And despite their growing love for each other, they spent the rest of the show struggling to get it back together, usually unsuccessfully. I loved the show for not dragging us through four years of will-they-or-won’t-they, and instead gave us a meaty adult relationship with both joy and heartbreak that never turned the show into a soap opera.

    As for Bones, even though I’m really enjoying season 7, I will never forgive the creators for the crushing end of season 5, Hannah, and denying us Booth and Brennan’s first real kiss. Heartless bastages! (While fact-checking, I just discovered I never saw the season 5 finale! I thought episode 100 was the finale. I was that upset. I repeat: heartless bastages!)

  3. Joe Says:

    I’d have to add The Office to this list. Pam & Jim? C’mon! :-)

  4. Candice Says:

    @Kelly Castle and Kate are not together yet.

  5. Karen Says:

    What about Polivia from Fringe?

  6. Paul Says:

    @Kate clearly you haven’t read the title all that well, it says couples…Castle and Beckett are not a couple (yet). I do believe you have to bring something interesting besides UST, to keep people watching and I believe shows like Castle, X-Files and House would go down in ratings if their main couple got together.

  7. Lisa H. Says:

    This article is just the opinion of the author. As a fan of the show Bones, I can tell you that the jury is still out and the verdict is not looking that good. It would not be the fact they hooked up that kills the show, it is the horrible writing and lack of imagination by the producers of the show that will do it. Clearly you (the author) have not stacked season 7 with the previous six seasons. There is no comparision due to a lack of chemistry between the leads and the lack of a chance to show it due to the scripts and horrific story lines.

    What keeps this fan even thinking of hanging on? The last episode shown has a new serial killer arc that has promise. As a fan I was not important enough to show my fav two leads finally figure it all out and let the emotions take over, so, I figure I don’t know if I will add the rest of the season to my DVR list or not. Hard to care about it at this point.

  8. J Says:

    What about Castle?

    They’re incredible!! Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are awesome!

  9. Maggie Says:

    I’d add Shawn and Juliet from psych. They made the show a thousand tines better,(didn’t kill it) which was pretty hard to do since it already rocked.

  10. J Says:

    I read than “Castle and Beckett are not together yet”. But, even like this, they are a couple, and that’s feel so right, than we just can’t think the opposite. And another thing, same “not” being a couple, they are much better than some of the list there.

    One last thing. I’m brazilian, so I’m sorry for the english, because I’m not speak perfectly yet.



    Lisa H… clearly this is the opinion of…. well… YOU… because the ratings are higher than ever, and that’s really the best measurement of whether a show is doing well or not.

    Clearly the vast majority of the current fans of the show, are still very invested in it and are still enjoying it immensely…and they have managed to add a couple million new fans of the show… so I guess what this shows is, your opinion is merely your opinion…clearly you do not speak for a large segment of the fans of the show…and the author of this article is clearly in line with the vast majority of viewers.

    Personally, and I will only give an opinion that is mine, never assume that everyone agrees with me, and I’ll never speak in such absolutes as you presume to… I am enjoying this new level of intimacy very much. The whole will they won’t they thing, just got old and tiresome. I’m an adult. I can handle watching two people try to live a real life, while remaining themselves, bickering and differences still in tact. It’s what makes this show still so interesting. I think this new twist is exactly what makes this show keep being interesting.

    I’m not a teeny bopper who needs to see the big kissing, and bed scenes to realize that two people are ultimately right for eachother, flaws and all.

    I for one agree completely with the author of this article that the Chemestry is still there, and is actually better than ever!

  12. Margaret Says:

    What about Burn Notice! Michael and Fi are awesome!!

  13. Derek Says:

    That’s not Buffy, Darla, or Cordelia…tut, tut, Angel.

  14. Amy Says:

    But Niles and Daphne getting together did ruin the show. I loved the idea of them but once they finally got together, it was just horrible.

  15. 1mars Says:

    @Lisa H. And your comment in just your opinion also. The jury is still out, not because of the storyline or writing, but because of the horrific schedule this year. 5 month summer break 5 episodes, 1 month break, 1 episode, 2 month break, return with 7-11 episodes. No body seems to know. It’s a wonder there are any fans left. But there are, many are still counting down to the spring return, the birth of Boothlet and how they are going to resolve their issues and solve crimes.

  16. awog Says:

    I think what it really proves is that there is no curse, it does not wreck a show and most anyone who thinks so can go get there own script. I am sick of people saying that it kills a show but on top of this list, I can list more shows.

  17. Lev Says:

    Uh, Chuck, ok?

  18. Nyre Says:

    Gotta say Thank You for someone seeing some sense when it comes to Bones. It never really has been about just B&B. It’s all of them and their interaction. To borrow some words from Booth you take one of them away and they’re all back in that hole forever. I have to say the episodes with Hannah are the only ones I skip when watching past seasons. As for this season? So far the only complaint I have it that it’s far to short.

  19. Holly Says:

    @Lisa H.-ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This season is dissapointing you when the last episode was a cliffhanger about a guy who knows way more than he should about Booth and the Squints?! The guy re-arranged a spine and etched a “cyber worm” into bone…how does that not keep you interested?!

    What I really want to know is what Parker thinks of Booth and Brennan getting together…why havn’t they shown that?

  20. Gracie Says:

    I really think that Chuck and Sarah of ‘Chuck’ should be added to this list. Them getting together was great and though the show ended, due to low ratings it was in no way because of them!

  21. Wendy S Says:

    Psych should have been listed as well! Sean & Juliet!

  22. Filomena C Says:

    What about Harm and Mac from JAG, the show went on for 10 season it finished it’s run in 2005. The sexual tension was there from the start of season 2, for those who are not familiar with the show the character of Sarah ‘Mac’ MacKenzie was brought on as a lead in season 2 after the show moved from NBC to CBS. Every episode that aired there wad tension between them, although it took them 9 years to finally get together, but when ever Harm saw Mac with another man the jealousy would set in, until season 6 where he somewhat told Mac that he loved her and then they kissed.

  23. Herllen Says:

    Brennan & Booth, are the best couple! <3

  24. Jenny Says:

    Personally I’m more excited than ever to watch Bones. After the all the heartache of last season, it’s so good to watch them like this. I love that they still bicker and have their arguments and yet underneath of that all that love and respect (which they can finally fully show!). I love the little, subtle moments the belly-rubs, the sweet kisses and loving looks. Honestly David & Emily will never not have chemistry between them.

    P.s They haven’t shown Parker yet because the child actor who plays him is so busy. They could have mentioned him, I agree. Besides that minor thing, their romance has been perfect and very much ‘them’. I love it.

  25. natacha Says:

    An excellent team and a great actors, David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel among others. Bones is the best series :-)

  26. Amanda Says:

    Booth and Brennan FOREVER …S2

  27. Pam Impson Says:

    I must say I agree with your picks but especially with Bones as they seem to be the ones people have been trying the hardest to link to the Moonlighting curse. They are an ensemble cast with good writing, and fantastic idea’s. I also think it’s the chemistry between all the characters not just the leads that make a show and this one has always had it. The adding/expanding of relationships help shows grow and this show has always done that from adding Cam to very long ago to baby’s now.

  28. Christine Says:

    Yes Bones! I loved seson 6 :) I really can

  29. Dorothy Says:

    Let me just get in line to have rocks thrown at me too. Lisa- I agree with you in large part about Bones. I am not 14 years of age, I am not a teeny bopper who needs to be shielded by producers of a show who thinks that as a fan I don’t need to see a Booth/Bones moment beyond a hug on a bed.

    I am a shipper of these two from episode one, and a steady and loyal fan who can be HONEST about what this show has become. As a mature fan of 42 years of age, I can admit when mistakes have been made in a series and lead characters are not what they used to be. I am tired of reading “fanlets” get on websites and say that this show is just as fantastic as day one, and is gaining millions of vieweres. Consider this, if it was gaining millions of viewers it would have ratings of 10/8 or 12/8 by the sixth episode. It was in the 2′s little fanlets, get a grip. 2.7/5-8 got shows cancelled in 2006 and 2007. If there is any truth to be spoken more people are using the DVR and that is it. Not to the tune of millions either little fanlets.

    As a diehard fan that frequents every Bones website I can find I can be honest and say that while the show is touted by critics(and they are never wrong are they?) Fox does not promote or support the show as it did in the first four years. Fox still has the Bones series page marked as underconstruction. Really, for 19 months? really? The websites are full of tumbleweeds and the fans are to the point of not caring whether this show is on or not every week. Those are facts, stated here by someone who lived to chat with other Bones fans and get involved in promoting the show. Hard to do that when Fox doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

    Here is why Castle and other shows are doing so well, here is why polls that were once won by Bones actors are lost when there are just “millions of new fans each week” pfffft. The producers and creators and networks of those shows support it, they have online tweet crime to solve, special twitter account for actors to interact with fans, COMMERCIALS?!.

    More proof needed? DB twittered over the weekend that this could be Bones last season. As a Bones fan I am used to his tweets when he is bored and shrug. There was no ripple, no huge outcry like what he was hoping for through the Bones universe on line. That is because the show is written for “teeny boppers” right now, very bad plot lines and Bones being the worst for out of character. I imagine he got the “squeels” of some through twitter-verse, but it fell very, very flat. The few fans of old that I converse with online not only refused to register a reaction, they are commenting that they find it hard to care about this show anymore.

    DO NOT judge the popularity of this show by the bashers that will not be honest and state this show has gapping holes in it right now. There is no gauge to use or guess by to figure the numbers of fans who used to give a darn but have given up enduring hiatus, after hiatus.

    You see, as a fan, and YES I still am, I can be honest and say the show is not what it was. Season seven may only be saved by the Pellant villian. The idiotic bickering and weekly dumbing down of Bones, who I once thought was the best female character on TV, has me extremely sad about where the series has gone.

  30. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for putting Bones on the list. I’ll add Olivia and Peter from Fringe to the list. :)

  31. Phillip Says:

    I agree a lot with you Dorothy. The show isn’t the same as it once used to be. You can actually gauge when the writing went down, after season 3 aka after the writer’s strike. Its like they lost a lot of talent or something. But the past seasons have been some of the highest rating on Thursdays in the time slot its in.

    I do wish that the writer’s stop the dumbing down of Brennan because she was sassy and great during season 1-3 and then they gradually dumbed her down. I still watch the show because I want to see where they go.

    In my opinion, DB may have tweeted that this season may be the last and eh nobody said anything, he should’ve said that on Facebook. If you want to see reactions, check out Facebook. Currently Bones has over 9 million fans on there and its highly promoted on there. Remember, twitter is more celebrity friendly while Facebook is more fan friendly, but I digress.

    The villain may save the season, but the writing has to pick up. It can’t be scared of letting Brennan be her strong self again. Either way, I’m still watching the show because its one of my favorites.

    Oh and I’m not a teeny whatever either, I’m the farthest thing from that. I’m a 23 year old guy, So that says that I could hardly give a damn about the show, but I do.

  32. Linda Says:

    Barney and Robin did not almost kill HIMYM. Robin and Ted where the most boring couple I’ve ever seen on TV. I was happy when it was finally over.
    I hope Barney and Robin will back together soon.

    Brennan & Booth <3 best couple ever.

  33. Christine Says:

    Of course they aren

  34. Charmaine Says:

    I am more interested in Bones now than the last two seasons, them NOT being a couple had grown boring. Now I find them interesting again!

  35. Krist Says:

    It doesn’t matter how old you are. Everyone of you made their own illusion on how should they get together and now you just can’t accept the fact that it didn’t happen to your liking. Nobody of you will be ever satisfied.

  36. Lenali Says:

    Burn Notice’s Michael and Fiona should have been included here. They are awesome together. Their give and take relationship and explosive chemistry make the show! Not sure how the writers intend to keep that up that essential combo going with the way this last season ended, but I’m willing to wait and see. I figure if I waited out that awful Michael burned Jesse angst storyline I can endure this for a few episodes. *sigh* I just hope they don’t drag it out too long!

    I’m glad that Bones and Booth made this list! It’s about time they finally moved their storyline forward. I was getting sick of seeing them tread the same old waters season after season. I, too, skip right over the episodes with Hannah. I’m also saddened and a bit irritated over the dumbing down of Brennan over the years. I wish the writers/show runners/directors would go back and watch the first 2 or 3 seasons and get her back to that. She was still flawed and had difficulty relating in some social situations, but she wasn’t a complete moron about it. She had more of a balance of powerful and vulnerable. I was disappointed at not getting to see that moment of revelation and transformation in their relationship. They could have given us that without a drawn out bedroom scene. One of their wonderful one-on-one deep conversations would have sufficed. However, what we got is better than what we had! I couldn’t have endured another season of “will they, won’t they”! It was getting extremely tiresome! I am enjoying watching them work their relationship out now. It’s nice to see those little affectionate moments between them and to know that it is possible to see a good, ‘real’ relationship being worked out on TV. It’s messy and sometimes you just want to throttle the other person, but underneath there is a deep well of love and respect. Now, if only FOX would get it together on the freaky scheduling of this season it would be perfect!

  37. Tia Says:

    Um, for Castle. Castle and Beckett haven’t gotten together yet so they don’t really apply to this situation. Also, Castle is in its fourth season.

    I agree that Charah should be added to this list!

  38. CarlagUK Says:

    Really enjoyed reading both Dorothy and Phillip’s observations. I have been a fan since Day 1 and will continue to be so as I still find the show one of the most enjoyable to watch.

    I Would like to see Brennan find herself again as I think the writers have changed her just a little too much. However she really did have to evolve enough to actually enter into this relationship, but I’m not keen on some of the rather silly things they have got her saying. I therefore do agree that the writing should sharpen up. The new villain however is really interesting and I look forward to seeing how that develops.

    I do wonder though if there may be plans to wind this series up. Maybe not this season but possibly next. I hope I am wrong.

    I am certainly not a teeny. I am old enough to be both Brennan and Booth’s mother. In fact old enough to be most of the regular cast’s mother. Enough said.

  39. Sharnea Says:

    I LOVE Bones, I don’t think the writers have dumbed down Bones but they are allowing her to evolve. It’s crazy that anyone would expect her to remain the same for 7 seasons. My only request is that when the time comes for the show to end, that Bones is given a proper series finale and a not rushed piece of crap. Hart Hanson created a dynamic show..Emily & David breathe life into unique characters. And I hope the show continues to strive.

  40. Lori Says:

    Booth and Brennan are a modern version of Nick and Nora Charles. They solved crimes and were extremely smart. They also had a nanny and a cute dog. What a pair!

  41. Julianne Says:

    I love Bones and Booth and Brennan are a great couple. Any problems with ratings on Bones should be placed on the Fox Network. They’ve been promoting The Finder every chance they get. They take Bones fans for granted because we are so loyal to the show. I hope they modernize the Bones page on Fox pretty soon because it is really disturbing how long they’ve let it go. Hopefully Bones ratings will go up again when they have their spring premiere and follow American Idol like last season. I’m really hoping that they’ll have an extended season with the extra episodes which they are filming because otherwise we’ll be stuck with boring summer reruns.

  42. Sarah Says:

    While the Booth/Brennan relationship is silly…. the writers seem to target a
    younger female audience. I am 26 yo female and find Bones boring with how the
    issue of a baby has been handled.

    A relationship can be handled in a mature yet playful manner. Just look at
    The Closer. The writing remains solid despite the two leads marriage.
    Bones writers should take note….

  43. Laurie Mann Says:

    Bones and Booth are fine. What’s killing this season for me is the introduction of another serial killer.

  44. divagirl715 Says:


    1. The massive cutting of season 7 episodes and major mid-season break is “Bones” primary current problem. Never seen an actor’s pregnancy cause such schedule conflict! Bottom line, Fox’s handling of “Bones” season 7 schedule is horrific. Especially when you factor in the main characters are FINALLY together after 6 years of build-up. Just terrible treatment on Fox’s behalf.

    2. Brennan and Booth are amazing together. I could go for it & start naming specific episodes, etc. w/vast detail, but I will keep it simple & short and say they are awesome crime partners AND terrific romantic partners. Not to mention best friends (love that!). I truly believe 99% of fans both see and feel that.

    3. This major story line plot – Brennan’s pregnancy/B&B moving-in together and officially becoming a couple – is an incredible opportunity for the show to be WAY BETTER! EONS BETTER! It’s a flaw in their Fox/Bones/Hart Hanson system if they don’t pull their shiz together and make it INCREDIBLE. Right now, there is opportunity in every aspect of the show. They need a true “quarterback” to run this game. They need the Joe Montana of quarterbacks! Right now! Seriously. SO much opportunity and it appears they’re choosing to pass the ball down field for “The Finder”, leaving us “Bones” fans going NUTS! We’re waiting for our show to get back on track AND literally end “Bones” winning the Super Bowl!

    I’m a girl. Hope everyone gets and appreciates my sports metaphor.
    Lastly, to “Dorothy” I’m most surprised by your thoughts on ending of season 5. The entire season 5 was brilliant. Began so romantic with “Harbingers” where Booth officially declared his love for Brennan to Cam, finishing with “The Beginning in the End” which was SO romantic! From start to finish, season 5 was amazing. Where I would agree with your fierce anger is season 6, episode 1: enter Hannah and the end of B&B’s romantic journey/weekly flirtation; where they used to end each episode w/a drink together & those amazing moments between them. First half of season 6 was unbearable for me (and most fans) I literally can not watch those first 13 episodes ever again.

    Cheers! Here’s to hoping just ONE producer from “Bones” reads this. You can do this. SOOO easy to fix! You already have the winning team. You just need a coach to design the right plays!!

  45. Jesse Says:

    I have been a fan of Bones since day one. As a matter of fact, my husband watches it too. Since we have two different work shifts, we tape it and see it together and we discuss it. Regardless, we like the show and I like how it has progress because people do get involve with others, they go out and they get married and sometimes they have children. It is true the show has changed but don’t we all. If the show was kept the exact same way for years, it would be boring. I am enjoying the current season.

    I feel that the way Fox has pre-empted the show for Idol, the X-Factor, March Madness and the World Series does have an effect. Sometimes, you don’t know what day of the week it is on. Sometimes, I think Fox is deliberately shuffeling the show so that the fans would lose interest.

  46. Franny Rae Says:

    @Lisa H.
    I think you need to calm down. Yes, the writing has declined a bit, but the fact that they can keep the show interesting is phenomenal. I think Fox is being a little condescending towards Bones in the way that it is pushing the Finder at viewers so vigorously. I am getting a bit vexed with Fox. Hopefully all will be well in a month or so.

  47. DripPan Says:

    Bones has turned around alot this season and the reason is that the writers are putting the real life chemistry between ED/DB back into the script vice trying to fight against that natural chemistry. IMO, DB/ED could read the phone book and people would be entertained by them.

    The biggest reason I am watching this season is to see Dr. Temperance Brennan and her reaction to having a baby of her own. Emily has brought Brennan to life and gave us one of the most unique characters on TV in a long time. Her over logical/rational brain is going to be an interesting view as we watch her raise their daughter!

    The one question I would love to ask ED is how she sees her real life child rearing compared to that of Dr. Temperance Brennan? How does she see Brennan as a mom compared to herself?

    As far as the serial killer….well, it’s interesting but it’s not enough to keep me watching.

  48. Dorothy Says:

    @Divagirl- I don’t know who’s post you read, but it wasn’t mine. No where did I mention season 5 or have a “fierce anger about season 6″.

    If you must know (???) I though season 5 was good, and I never have been on the Hannah Hater band wagon. Quite the opposite. I saw MUCH more romantic interaction and vibe with Booth and her, then I do the brother and sister relationship for BB now. Hannah was a go getter, dangerous in riding the edge of the envelope which absolutely would attract a man like Booth. Evidently I was adult enough to be shown romantic moments with Hannah and Booth, but need to just “imagine” and write the epsodes in my head now for the current relationship situation.

    I thought we could watch TV for some escapeism, not to work at filling in the lines because the writers(producers, executive creator, whoever) will not, don’t want to or don’t care.

  49. Deb Says:

    I have to agree with Lisa H, Bones has gotten a little boring. Don

  50. bonescrazy Says:

    I have been a devoted of Bones since day one,too. I know that their big love scene was off screen, but I’ve read on another of Bones sites that they were protecting the integrity of Booth and Brennan. I’ll accept that. I just hope they’ll get married ASAP so we can enjoy their family life and their love scenes like in the season 5 finale where they were married in the dream.

  51. Mommahurley Says:

    Well Dorothy.. I can’t tell whom you”re speaking to because you said Lisa. … Then proceeded to talk about the comments I made. As Lisa H. And I had completely different takes on this season I’m not sure what you were saying. Also I. The I accuracy column is your representation of the ratings . You’re quoting something using fuzzy logic and manipulated numbers of your choosing. Ask the networks and the bloggers as well as HH himself how eased he is with the ratings this season.
    The bottom line is , you can wish the demise of the show to prove you were right all you want. You can surround yourself with forum members who only agree with you! You can ban anyone who doesn’t support your negative rants about a show you claimed to have loves. But your opinions are yours and yours alone! There’s a wide world of people out there who are proving you wrong every week. The show is doing really well. The fan base is growing. If once in a while a few fanatics with a grudge spend 50 hours straight voting for Castle over bones… Who cares ? It doesn’t prove anything. The success of a show is more than who can waste more time voting on a computer. And by all measurable factors that a studio cares about. bones is doing really well. Castle is a fair immigration of Bones but to be fair it’s only in its third season .. And they’ve already jumped the shark! It’s too soon to say how it will do in the long haul but however it does, it has no bearing on Bones so why bring it up? David is well known for making teasing remarks to stir up reaction! I saw plenty of concern but I don’t hang out at the forums filled with hysterical over reactors anymore so I can’t see that the reaction was anything but reasoned and intelligent. We know that the people who know these things has already said season 8 is a sure thing.
    The rest of your comments were your opinion so enjoy your feelings anyway you want. The rest of us will keep enjoying the show! It’s not the same as season 1 or 3 .. Because the story is evolving and I telli gent. That’s what makes it good ! As I said I speak my opinion and don’t presume to speak for anyone but myself!

  52. Krist Says:

    Mommahurley, I have to agree with you, I wouldn’t say it better. :)

  53. Durga Says:

    I have to say something, but I don

  54. Rosie Says:

    ["Sadly, the couple that almost killed the show was Robin and Barney. Thankfully, the show broke them up after a handful of excruciating episodes, though they seem to be teasing a reconciliation this season."]

    The reconciliation DIDN’T help. Barney and Robin’s angst fest is slowly murdering Season Seven of “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER” right now.

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