Six Sequels Better than the Original

Posted on 02 December 2011 by Charles B. French

I spent two columns railing against sequels that weren’t just bad, I try to pretend like they never happened. What really irritates me about bad sequels is that it’s entirely possible to craft a great sequel.A good sequel isn’t just more of the same and hoping it works like the first time. It’s being able to continue the story in a direction that’s credible, deeper, and worth investigating. The best universes take the world established in the original and give us something more, something new, and at their best, they give us a better movie than the original.

Today I’m going to talk about six of those sequels.

courtesy imdb.comSpiderman 2

What the first one was about: Peter Parker was bitten by the most awesome spider in the universe and became a super-hero. (Seriously, where can I find one of those spiders?) He also has to fight the Green Goblin and give Mary Jane a very awkward kiss.

What this one

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