The Poster Wall #5

Posted on 15 April 2011 by TH3 No08

This weeks edition of the poster wall contains some very cool stuff including a ton of horror movie posters and a large collection of character posters for The Hangover 2. Lets do it…

First up is the before mentioned Hangover collection as well as a cool international poster for the movie. I really dig the grittiness of the character pieces. Not super glossy so you really get a sense of what this movies gonna bring to the table.

Up next are a few poster for some big time kids movies hitting in the near future. The Rio poster is super colorful and full of characters that look like they are having a great time, just what you’d expect to see in a kids movie. The Cars 2 posters represent the two sides of what is going on in this

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  1. @brihannajoi Says:

    love the hangover individual posters. mondo tees brings life to some tired horror movies.

  2. TH3 No08 Says:

    they do great work. it’s really exciting to see what they are gonna put out every week.

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