In The Beginning

Posted on 05 January 2011 by lreed

I was chatting with some friends about some new music I had found and they told me that I had to listen to this band. I have very selective taste so when people tell me

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  1. Becky Finch Says:


  2. joanna Says:

    Yea I think everyone takes it for a grain of salt when I say this band is bad ass. So proud of u guys…love y’all. By far the best local band I’ve ever known. Bad ass guitar work, hell bad ass everything…..

  3. Holly Says:

    I actually got to see them live and it was so good! I know they will do really good, someone needs to give them a chance! Rock On!

  4. Brion Hughes Says:

    I know every member of this band & live at any venue?? They just crush everthing that’s going on till they’re done!!! Sick band!! \m/>_<\m/

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