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New Music Tuesday

Posted on 14 December 2010 by lreed

New Album Releases for December 14th, 2010

Ryan Adams – III / IV
Ciara – Basic Instinct
Crystal Bowersox- Farmer’s Daughter
The Damned Things

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  1. lreed Says:

    The best album for this Tuesday is R. Kelly’s album Love Letter. I know what you are thinking, R. Kelly…but if you like R&B it’s a really good album, this is defiantly his come back album.

  2. Trey V. Says:

    Diddy Dirty Money? How many names can he have?

  3. lreed Says:

    Hmm…I know Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy and his band Diddy Dirty Money, maybe he is having an identity crisis.

  4. richard Says:

    I call shenanagins on the r. kelly album being the best release this week. Ryan adams release is a double album of throwaway songs from an earlier album and they are still better than anything that r. kelly had some one else write for him on his best day. but that’s just my opinion…

  5. lreed Says:

    Maybe you just don’t like R&B and the old Doo-Wop sound, it’s not for everyone.

  6. richard Says:

    i like old r&b but like i said, it’s just my opinion. btw where’s this weeks releases?

  7. lreed Says:

    So, if you don’t mind me asking who are some of your favorite bands?

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