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Aaron Eckhart On Possibly Reprising His Role As Two Face In The Dark Knight Rises

Posted on 06 November 2010 by Christian

Its a possibility, but the actor is doubtful he will be back in Chris Nolan’s threequel..

This isn’t exactly news. We have heard from Eckhart before on whether he might return or not. But since Nolan revealed the title for his third Batman movie, and said that we would be seeing some old faces, fresh rumors have been swirling that one of those old faces might be scarred down one side. Yes, Nolan has said he was dead, Eckhart has said he was dead, we saw his funeral, he was dead. But, that being said, I, and many others, don’t believe things were left without the possibility of his return if Nolan so wished.

Speaking to ShowbizSpy, Eckhart was asked if he knew anything about Harvey Dent’s possible resurrection..

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