Bryan Singer Praises Superman Reboot & Zack Snyder’s Directorship!

Posted on 08 November 2010 by Christian

Bryan Singer, director of Superman’s last return, shares his opinion on Warner Bros. doing the reboot, for the The Man of Steel with Zack Snyder on board to direct.

While casting rumors have begun, according to The Geek Files, Bryan Singer, director of the iconic hero’s last movie appearance in Superman Returns, recently shared his “honest” thoughts on Warner Bros. rebooting The Man of Steel. And with certainty of more reboots to come, in his own way, Singer also praises the forthcoming film’s director, Zack Snyder.

“At the time I left, it would be more odd than it is now. Because it’s been four years, my brain is so occupied. I’m sort of like a tennis ball – I bounced from the X-Men to Superman and back to X-Men so I’ve been in that world a while, and then I’m doing [Jack the Giant Killer] at Warner Bros, which is where I did Superman, so I’m with the same people.”

“So now [the reboot] makes sense. It’s a movie I would want to see, I think Zack’s so talented and I applaud Warner and Legendary for choosing somebody who’s a filmmaker and not necessarily just a shooter. It’s Superman, it’s gonna be made over and over in one form or another, and I’m sure Zack won’t be the last person to touch it either, so in a way it’s not in my mind any more. It would have been two and a half years ago.”

While True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello seems to be the most accurate ‘Clark Kent’ contender, the Chris Nolan-produced Man Of Steel reboot is still steered for a Winter release, apparently focusing on the hero’s early days.

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