Bryan Singer Wants Aaron Johnson To Kill Giants!

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

Could Aaron Johnson bring the same intensity to Jack as he did to Kick Ass?

Of course he could. It is a totally different movie but why not. At least that’s what the fans will think. Maybe not the ‘ComicBookMovie Fan’ but the ‘Normal Movie Goer Fan’. What’s the difference you may ask? Well, that’s an entirely different article in its self. Back on task.

Deadline is reporting that Bryan Singer is ‘sweet’ on Aaron Johnson (WEIRD). Rumor has it that Andrew Garfield is up for the role as well.

Bryan Singer had to turn down ‘X-Men: First Class’ due to his commitment with ‘Jack the Giant Killer’.

Hey, I didn’t want the first comment to be ‘This isn’t even a Comic Book J-Man, oh my goodness this site is losing it’s integrity, waaaa waaaaa waaaaaa’, so there, see I fixed all that already:)

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