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From days of long ago, From uncharted regions of the universe

Posted on 06 September 2010 by Christian

If you’re like me, someone who spent their formative years cutting their teeth on the cartoon heroes of the 1980′s, your gonna totally freak over the concept/pitch art for the on again off again now apparently back on again Beast King Go Lion… Oh wait, I mean


I was always a huge fan of Voltron and truly believed that in a one on one fight they could take down any transformer or decepticon. Maybe in the future we’ll get the opportunity to see a crossover mass marketing campaign for the ages between the two groups of mechanized heroes. Hold that thought… Do we really want to see Michael Bay raping even more of our childhood? I think I’ll pass on that one and just take this for what it is, some kick ass concept art for what could be a potentially cool movie.

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