Guillermo Del Toro Is NOT Directing Godzilla

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

Recently Latino Review reported that he was offered the chance to direct the new Godzilla reboot. However, according to HitFix, Del Toro says that’s not exactly true.

“What rumor?”

That was Del Toros first reaction according to Drew McWeeny, over at HitFix. He reports he caught up with Director Guillermo Del Toro and asked him about recent rumors that he’s been tapped to helm Legendary Pictures new Godzilla reboot. As reported yesterday by Latino Review.

This is what the director had to say, once the rumor was explained to him.

“I am not involved in ‘Godzilla’ at all,” Guillermo replied “I haven’t read it or plan to read it. Nor have I been approached to direct it.”

Drew goes on to say.

That sounds pretty definitive to me. I’ve known Guilermo a long time, and he’s not the sort of guy to shy away from geeking out about this or that potential project. He’s a big monster fan, and I’m sure if he was thinking about taking on the King of the Monsters, he’d be happy to share some of that enthusiasm.

Source: HitFix

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