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Its Official: MJ Will Not Feature In The Spider-Man Reboot

Posted on 06 November 2010 by Christian

We thought Emma Stone might be MJ, then we heard there would be two female leads, then that MJ would only have a small part etc etc. Well it now looks like our favourite smokin hot red head will not feature in Marc Webb’s all.
This thing has being going back and forth ever since the reboot was announced. It was assumed that Mary Jane would be a part of the story. But then news broke that director Marc Webb was actually on the look out for 2 female leads, surely MJ and Gwen Stacy? Then that was narrowed down to one, and Emma Stone looked likely to nab the role everyone assumed was that of MJ since, despite being naturally blond, Stone has donned the red locks in most of her other roles. Well as we know, Stone will be Gwen Stacy. And we now know courtesy of The Wrap, Miss Mary Jane Watson will not be appearing at all.. individual familiar with the project has told TheWrap that Mary Jane Watson will not appear in the film after all, as the character is not currently featured in James Vanderbilt’s screenplay, and apparently never was.

Even so, word is that the original idea was to have a love triangle between MJ, Stacy and Parker but this idea was dropped. There was also talk of Stone playing MJ(which is evidently where all of the 2 female leads talk sprang from), but when she won the part of Stacy instead they decided to stick with one lady to get Parker’s Spidey sense a tingling. I’m sure many will see this as a good thing. There is no need to over complicate the plot with this first movie, and there is plenty of time to bring MJ in later on. Provided they don’t reboot this franchise before a sequel comes out of course..

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