Mirror’s Edge Sequel is “On Hold”

Posted on 15 February 2011 by Kevin Minke

Development of Mirror’s Edge 2 has been “stopped” by EA.

A team at DICE showed EA a prototype that was “declined”, according to a Sweden translation of a Press 2 Play TV report.

“Patrick [Soderlund - EA driving and shooting game boss] acknowledges that Mirror’s Edge didn’t match up to their expectations regarding sales, and that has stopped the sequel that has been in development,” declared the report, published originally in December. “EA was shown a prototype, but declined with askance. The project has been stopped – involved parties at DICE are working on something else now. Patrick himself seems to have Mirror’s Edge near his heart, but they are not in the business of charity.”

Presumably the extra development is going into Battlefield 3 – EA’s well publicised attempt at wrestling shooter supremacy from the Call of Duty series.

Patrick Soderlund confirmed last summer that “a small team” at DICE was ‘on’ a new Mirror’s Edge game. Eurogamer pressed him on that point last November.

“Mirror’s Edge is an IP that’s close to my heart and EA’s as well. It was a bold move from us. I’m proud we made it. It obviously didn’t reach the commercial success we wanted, even though it wasn’t bad at all,” he said. “I still think as a company we’re going to talk about it when we’re going to talk about it. What I can say is, we haven’t buried it. We’re absolutely continuing to support Mirror’s Edge as an IP. When we’re ready to talk about it, we’ll talk about it.”

EA Games boss Frank Gibeau went on record a few weeks later to say that the execution of Mirror’s Edge “fell short”. “There were issues with the learning curve, the difficulty, the narrative, and then there was no multiplayer either,” he said.

Source [Eurogamer]

This was one of my favorite games of 2008-2009, personally I give this game a 9/10. It’s one of the most beautifully designed games that I’ve seen in years and was more original then any title currently on the market. Unfortunately, it failed to find a large audience and with no multi-player that seems to be it’s death nail. I’m not a huge multi-player person so I loved that it was a fully developed single player story and I hate that this is even an issue. I know that multi-player sells but give the gamers that don’t live and die on multi-player servers something to do once again.

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