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More details emerge on Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Posted on 11 November 2010 by Christian

Director Michael J. Basset talks on the upcoming sequel to the underground hit Silent Hill.

Movieweb has a scoop via Michael J. Bassets’ blog where he reveals a bit more info about his upcoming project Silent Hill : Revelation.

“Finally, it’s been announced and I can say officially what I’ve been eager to share with you all for a little while now; I’ve written and am going to be directing the new Silent Hill movie.

I love the games and was a huge admirer of the first film. Especially how Christophe Gans and his team managed to capture the look and feel of the world. I say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so I’m bringing back as many of that core creative team as I can – but I’m probably going to bring just a little more darkness and fear into the mix as well. I love the complex mythology and psychological twists that Konami created so will do my best honour that aspect too.

I’m determined to deliver a film that builds on the qualities of the first film and draws on the best aspects of the games whilst giving the audience more nuanced characters, a compelling story and introducing some terrifying new monsters (as well as bringing back a few favourites) and, most important of all… just scaring the shit out of everyone.”

The sequel will follow Heather Mason, along with her father, who have been on the run – always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn’t full understand. Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by horrific nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she’s not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her in Silent Hill forever.

Those of you familiar with the video game,the sequel will apparently follow the storyline for the third game. This seems a fine idea,since the first film did not, only in plot but not much in characters. Silent Hill:Revelation will commence shooting this year for a 2011 release.

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