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Cedar Rapids Trailer: Ed Helms Is Top Goofball Now

Posted on 23 December 2010 by Christian

Ed Helms plays a variation on his overly enthusiastic, weirdly sweet Office character, Andy (or if you prefer, takes on the Will Ferrell part), in Miguel Arteta’s Cedar Rapids. The movie is about a sheltered insurance man who goes to a convention in the bustling metropolis of Cedar Rapids, Iowa (“It’s like Barbados”), and gets in all kinds of trouble. It’s a riff on The Hangover, with nerds, in Iowa. John C. Reilly plays a more successful, drunker, wilder insurance man, who along with Isiah Whitlock Jr. (best known as Clay Davis from The Wire) forms a fearsome threesome with Helms. Inevitably, there are scenes of Reilly and Helms in their tighty-whities, of girls taking their tops off in the pool for no reason, and Helms getting laid by both Anne Heche and Alia Shawkat. And, at the end, Whitlock busts up a fight by pretending to have a gun and saying, “I’m straight up gangsta, and I always keep one in the chamber, in case you pondering,” before getting into a car and explaining,

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