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Disney shuts down production on The Lone Ranger…

Posted on 15 August 2011 by TH3 No08

According to it looks like Disney has pulled the plug on Gore Verbinski’s Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp. Apparently issues arose when the budget ballooned to over 250 million dollars. There has been much speculation as to why the budget on a western would be so high but the rumor is that the story was full of cgi as Tonto and The Lone Ranger took on a band of wild west werewolves. Quite frankly this is the most ridiculous thing that I may have ever read. Werewolves in the wild west? I don’t remember werewolves in the old tv show so it seems like Disney was thinking out of the box and priced themselves right out of making a movie. This is a big disappointment as I was looking forward to Verbinski and Depp hooking up again for some epic story telling but that may not be happening any time soon unless they get that budget under control.

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