He May Not Be Daredevil, But Robert Pattinson Is Still Interested In Playing A Superhero!

Posted on 21 March 2011 by Christian

After revealing that he has no idea about the rumors Fox are interested in casting him as Daredevil, the actor has now said he would consider playing a superhero, despite protests from “little fanboys”…

Robert Pattinson already has few fans outside of the Twilight crowd, and despite the actor now expanding his acting horizons, the rumor that he was up for the role of Matt Murdock in the new Daredevil proved that that is a genre of film no one is too keen on seeing him enter. Well, his following comments will surely make him even less popular with comic book movie fans.

“I’d love to definitely. I don’t know what superhero you’d do. Is there any left?”

“I shouldn’t even say this stuff, ’cause all the little fanboys will be like, ‘No! I’m gonna shoot him!’”

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