Kevin Feige On The Past, Present And Future Of Marvel Studios!

Posted on 04 January 2011 by Christian

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige talks about working with other studios in the past, the trick to keeping the fans happy by sticking to the source material, and maintaining that high quality of filmmaking in 2011 and beyond…

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On Marvel’s Past Involvement With Movies Like X-Men And Spider-Man:

“We were very involved in the early films…and as we made more of those films, we got a lot of experience. We got exposed to the top executives, top producers. It was an amazing learning experience.”

On How They Keep The Fans Happy:

“The secret is to just look at the source material. The spirit of each character and story line are there for you…You don’t get legions of fans by not producing amazingly rich stuff.”

On How They Not Only Make Movies For The Fans, But A Wider Audience As Well:

“Marvel has changed the definition of the comic movie genre — so that people can look at it differently, as a genre onto itself. We continue to expand the definition of a comic book movie. People still say comic books aren’t for me, but they now look at Marvel movie as a summer blockbuster — they know it’s safe, even if they haven’t read the comic books.”

On The Getting Things Right In 2011 And Beyond:

“The expectation any film is always high. These characters are extremely popular, especially dealing with “Thor” and “Captain America,” characters that people have cared about for almost 70 years. No matter what the movie is, there’s a tremendous amount of pressure. You often get one chance to debut a character to fans and to the majority of people who might not have heard of the hero.”

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