Liam Neeson Will NOT Return As Ra’s Al Ghul In The Dark Knight Rises!

Posted on 08 February 2011 by Christian

The Batman Begins villain has revealed that he definitely will not be back for the third installment and no one has even suggested his return as Ra’s al Ghul…

Thanks to the guys over at IGN Movies, we now have some pretty definitive proof that Ra’s al Ghul will not feature in the third movie, despite speculation that his daughter Talia would have a role. Despite his comic book history of being pretty much immortal, it was hard to believe that director Christopher Nolan would ever introduce something as fantastical as Lazarus Pits! Here’s an excerpt from their report:

His response was that he “definitely” won’t be in the next film and hasn’t even been approached about it, but he’d maybe kick around the idea of returning as Ra’s down the line sometime. We definitely got the vibe that Batman Begins was just a gig and didn’t mean all that much to him. In fact, he picked Superman as his favorite superhero when asked — he said Batman was too gloomy.

Oh, and he’ll be filming Clash of the Titans 2 when Dark Knight Rises shoots anyway.

Be sure to head on over to the site to read more, by clicking the link below. The Dark Knight Rises is set to be released on July 20, 2012!

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