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Lucas to replace puppet Yoda with CGI in Episode I blu-ray reissue?

Posted on 23 August 2011 by TH3 No08

There’s something to be said with leaving good enough alone but George Lucas has never really followed that line of thinking. Every time he releases a new version of Star Wars he does his best to replace a part of our child hood with a lifeless cgi character and the upcoming blu-ray releases is no difference. According to multiple reports around the internet today Lucas is allegedly going to replace the puppet Yoda from Episode 1 with a cgi version based on the models used in episode 2 and 3. I imagine Lucas wanted to use cgi all alone but the technology probably wasn’t up to par in the late 90′s to make it happen.

While I could really care less about Episode I it does bother me to to see this happen on a regular basis despite the backlash against it. He obviously doesn’t care what the fans of his work think about what he’s done to his movies over the past few years and will never listen until we stop buying the reissues which will never happen so get used to CGI characters replacing puppets.

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