RUMOR: Black Mask, Hugo Strange, Killer Croc And Talia Al Ghu All In The Dark Knight Rises?

Posted on 16 December 2010 by Christian

Got a pinch of salt handy? Good. An “insider” is claiming that they’ve see the script and that all of the above villains will play a part! Hit the jump to read a pile of plot details and spoilers about all that and more…

We all know how unreliable these anonymous sources tend to be, but I know how desperate we all are for news on the third, and final, installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise so figured I’d let you guys be the judge of whether this is genuine or not. If nothing else, it makes for an interesting read as there are a lot of genuinely excellent sounding plot points and characters included in the outline. The only thing that makes me doubt it, is the fact that it sounds just TOO busy for one two and a half hour film! Anyway, enough talk. Read on…

“My buddy works at WB, he emailed me the script, I asked him if I can “spoil the news” he said sure go ahead but not many would believe me, so I said ok. In other words, I have the script, whether you believe me or not, is up to you, btw, we will be getting a press release in mid January – qoute me on that!

“Main villain of the film is Dr. Hugo Strange, and I believe Tom Hardy is playing Black Mask. This movie will indeed blow everyone to shreds! It’s more violent and darker then TDK. The female lead is Talia al Ghul and Sarah Essen, Bullock is in the film. Dr. Hugo Strange is the main villain, Black Mask replaces Salvatore Ramoni recruits Killer Croc as the muscle to take down the Bat. Killer Croc is known to be a psychopathic killer with diseased reptile function skinned, who’s an expert in hand to hand combat and extremely agile.

“I don’t want to spoil the opening sequence, but they mention both [Harvey Dent & the Joker], and they give a Harlee Quinzel reference. Batman and Gordon are on good terms, but they keep a very low profile since Gordon is the one who’s leading the task force, and Bullock hates Gordon.

“Bat chopper is in the film, there will be flashback scenes with Ras and a young Talia. Talia is the second villain, Black Mask is the side villain much like how Carmine Falcone and Salvatore Maroni was in the Batman Begins and TDK, they tie in Talia with Dr. Strange. There is no Robin. Batcave is back, Batman has a shit load of new weapons as well, some seem a bit unrealistic though. Bat plane much like a jet plane, no mentions of a new Batsuit just yet.

“We see a torture scene with the Scarecrow by Dr. Strange, apparently Scarecrow was truly working for Hugo in Batman Begins. It was Hugo Strange who supplied Scarecrow with the fear toxin, Scarecrow failed him, so Strange wanted to teach Scarecrow a lesson in “true meaning of fear.” Strange and Talia are tied in due to the fear toxin, Killer Croc and Black Mask are thrown in. Batman is combating a lot of guys in the movie, there’s a lot of action here, epic fight scene with Talia on the rooftop of Wayne enterprise, a superb action scene with Killer Croc in the Narrows, and an awesome Black Mask confrontation at Arkham. Also, Scarecrow gets killed by Dr. Strange in Arkham.”

So, there you have it. A creative piece of fan fiction is the most likely answer to whether or not this is genuine (can you imagine how tight security must be around a script as hot as The Dark Knight Rises) but stranger things have been proven true before now! I think the most obvious way of deducting it’s authenticity will be whether or not Warner Bros contact CBM and the other sites reporting this and ask for it to be removed. Stay tuned, and be sure to share your thoughts below!

The Dark Knight Rises is set to be released on July 20, 2012!

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