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Zack Snyder’s Superman Plot Revealed?

Posted on 24 November 2010 by Christian

As an add on to the recent casting rumors, we have a few supposed plot details doing the rounds. Aussie site Whats Playing seem fairly certain they have the details on Zack Snyder’s upcoming reboot. And these rumors have an African flavor!..

As always, rumors are rife with any big CBM and Snyder’s Superman(Man Of Steel?) is no different. We have heard that Matthew Goode is a likely contender to play the man himself, and now we have some more speculation as to the story the film may follow. A few days ago CBMer MrDCUniverse posted a story from a casting website, and revealed potential plot details for the film. Well, it looks like they may have been accurate as Whats Playing’s synopsis is very similar. The fact that this comes from a fairly reliable source does lend it some validity, since they did not post this as a rumor themselves and seem fairly certain that this is on the level..

From Whats Playing..

…though the film will feature the

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