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One of our movies gets a title change

Posted on 06 September 2010 by Christian

Some of you may know that Richard and Christian worked on and met on a film called “RISEN” and that it has been a long tough road for the film to get distribution. But it does look like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It looks like “RISEN” will be release but with some changes. The film will be released under a new title and new artwork. Here is more info straight from the “RISEN” facebook page:

RISEN will be re-titled ARMAGEDDON OF THE DEAD and will have new artwork on the front and back cover. Metrodome Distribution has developed a new marketing campaign and will be releasing the movie under their banner.

Starring: GiGi Erneta, Joe Thackery, Jason Harper, Stephen Lee
Screenplay By: David Talbot
Directed By: Damon Crump
Produced By: David Talbot, John Franklin, Damon Crump
Best Picture – Chicago Horror Film Festival Best Make-up – Chicago Horror Film Festival Remi Award – Houston WorldFest
Plot Outline:
A Texas family race to save their daughter when their town is infested by flesh-eating zombies. When the dead have risen, some things are more important than your own survival.

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