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Stargate Universe Cancelled

Posted on 17 December 2010 by Kevin Minke

I’m so sad to report that Stargate Universe has finally been cancelled, with the remaining 10 episodes to air in Spring. The show was slow to pick up fans and I for one had a hard time with the first season but have loved this second one. I will be sorry to see it go. The show in my opinon was a much more serious and interesting base plot then the previous spin-off Stargate Atlantis, but the execution of character development was slow and but progressive. I really stopped watching Atlantis when the repetitiveness of the scripts wore on me but SGU was growing on me as I watched and I do hope that more fans of the Stargate franchise give the last few episodes of this season a look before it’s gone from the air waves.

Even with the slow up take I still can not stand what the studio did to the cast. Apparently, the cast wasn’t told ahead of time, and some of them learned of the cancellation via Twitter.

SGU has had its share of problems, even spawning a community of people who dislike the show. Can it be saved via fan support, given the steadily declining viewership numbers? Do you think the show had the potential to improve, let us know below?

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