The Hobbit Stays in New Zealand!

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

With all the back and forth going on with this movie, things are starting to get grounded.

Looks like the uphill climb to get the Hobbit movies filmed is one step closer to being over. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announced that both “The Hobbit” films are keeping their productions in New Zealand.

Plagued with labor disputes, media fights, bankruptcy, and considerations of moving the production to Europe or other locations, the announcement essentially brings to a close a media whirlwind that has been making headlines for several weeks now. It also means the production is still on track for its planned start in February 2011 with the two films released on December 2012 and December 2013.

Great news! And now we can look forward to the familiar surroundings we saw in all Lord of the Rings films now that production is back in New Zealand.


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