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Thomas Jane On Missing Out On Jonah Hex and The Punisher He would Like to Make!

Posted on 06 November 2010 by Christian

Thomas Jane tells us how he feels about missing out on the Jonah Hex film and whether or not he would like to do another Punisher movie.
MTV talked with actor Thomas Jane at Long Beach Comic Con. He was there to promote his Dark Country directorial debut. Of course they had to ask him how he felt about missing out on the roll of Jonah Hex to Josh Brolin. They also asked if he was up for another round as The Punisher? Here is what he had to say on both subjects.

On Jonah Hex

“I think I dodged a bullet there. ”

He explains that he would have liked to do a Jonah Hex film…

“but not the one that they did.”

“The script that I read was totally different than the movie they ended up doing. I think once Josh Brolin came on board, they changed directors and they changed writers and it turned into a whole different animal. The movie I would’ve done was a completely different animal.”

On doing another Punisher movie…

“Not yet. The ‘Punisher’ franchise died such a grisly death that I don’t foresee it coming back any time soon. But I hope it does because I have a great f—ing story that I want to tell, and using Frank Castle to tell it would be ideal. So I’m hoping that someday we revive that.”

“But Disney now owns the rights to the Marvel characters, so that could present a challenge, too. I’m certainly not going to make the Disney version of The Punisher. But there might be a way to do it… It’s in a bit of a quandary right now for how to do it and how to do it right.”

Hawksblueyes: Personally, i would love to see Jane get another crack at The Punisher.

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