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Posted on 21 December 2010 by @brihannajoi

adidas miCoach app for iPhone
by adidas International, Inc.
Price: Free

In the health care and fitness section, there isn’t much of a selection as far as apps go. If you’re looking for a way to effortlessly track and analyze your workouts, this is a great way to go. Adidas miCoach is a free fitness iPhone app that logs your time, distance, and training with GPS technology, plus audible coaching prompts. It integrates with Adidas miCoach website, which lets you store, display, and share your workouts. The miCoach app works for running, walking, cycling, and other outdoor activities. You can even toggle the GPS feature off for workouts indoors. After your account is activated online, there are several training plans to choose from. Whether you choose to de-stress, condition or lose weight, you can customize your workout to a schedule that fits you. Pick the days you would like to train and get reminders by e-mail. Audible coaching cues are highly customizable, and the default settings read off your mile times, total distance, pace, and total calorie burn. There are several voices to choose from in various languages. You can even select an athlete’s voice like Reggie Bush or Andy Murray.

Once you’ve set your schedule, you can log into the miCoach app to begin. Choose a scheduled workout or a free run. You can also do an assessment workout that will measure your current fitness level. Once started you can listen to playlists that are already loaded on your iPod. The voice coach will come on to begin the workout. It will also give you updates during the workout including distance traveled and calories burned. You can set the frequency of these updates in your settings.

I was very impressed with this app. I liked the easy usability and simple interface. The tracking features are nice and love that you can customize the workout. Though I used it for an indoor workout without the GPS, I was able to manually put in my distance and calories that were monitored on my eliptical. Syncing to the website was also very easy. Once finished with the workout it prompts you to sync progress and automatically uploads to the site. You can see visual graphs of your progress and even share them to your Facebook.

Overall, the Adidas miCoach app perfectly compliments it’s website and is a wonderful tool to get healthy, especially for free.

Rating: 4/5

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