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Posted on 26 January 2011 by @brihannajoi

ExpenSense for iPhone
By: On2Sol
Price: $1.99

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  1. Zubeta Says:

    Great app, love it.

    Actually, I really liked the interface. The graphics are really cool. I would not agree that the interface isn’t fancy. It is awesome.

    Couldn’t find recurring transactions/bills. Later found out that it will be available in the next release.

  2. Stardust Says:

    Hi there, I agree! this app looks awesome!

    I found that its tricky to find the recurring option. If you tap on the right option with > you cannot get it. Have to tap on the ‘main body’ on the left and it will allow you to set it up. Its awesome. I hope they will put different time periods so that we can add Installments on it.

    I wonder if they will add different period settings for people with different credit card cut off dates.

    If they can add it, this will be a perfect app! Next I hope they will put this on android. heheh

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