App Junkie Needs GPS!

Posted on 23 March 2011 by @brihannajoi

skobbler US for iPhone
By: skobbler GmbH
Price: Free!


Ok App Junkies, so you are lost, again. Despite the free Google Maps application that came with your iPhone, it has sadly let you down. What is the point of this new technology if you can’t even get to where you are going? And even if you do get there, good luck maneuvering without a navigator. Trying to look at the map on your phone and drive through traffic is not an easy task. But where oh where is there a turn by turn voice navigation app that you don’t have to pay out the nose for? Well I have found it my friends, and it’s name is Skobbler!

Skobbler is the first free voice assisted turn by turn navigator app to offer true street level navigation. A companion to the Skobbler website, the app allows you to enter an address and navigate there without having to look at your phone. There are several voices to choose from, all which are pretty pleasant, and it gives adequate warnings for upcoming turns or exits that might be coming up.

The best thing, is it’s all free! No subscriptions or in app purchases. Just sign up for an account and you’re off and navigating. How does it stay free you ask? It uses the OpenStreetMap mapping system which is an open source, similar to that of Wikipedia. This kind of set-up allows you to improve the maps yourself by reporting any errors directly through the app! Of course, because the map is created by users, there may be a chance you find areas that are not fully mapped out, especially if it is more rural. But the more you update those areas around you, the more accurate the map becomes. Skobbler also updates its maps during each use and it only uses a tiny share of your iPhone

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