Comic Review: Zombie Outlaw #1

Posted on 08 September 2011 by TH3 No08

Zombie Outlaw Issue # 1


Written By: Brian J. Apodaca

Art By: B. Paul Jordan

Matt Naismith and Will Simers thought they had this College thing figured out. One trip into the depth of Irvine State University’s library has them rethinking everything!! Witness as they unearth the Tomb of the ZOMBIE OUTLAW!!!

With the recent runaway success of The Walking Dead it seems that zombie comics are suddenly everywhere again. A lot of writers are looking to jump on the bandwagon in the hopes of earning a quick buck by making something that looks like TWD but unfortunately for them they mostly comes off as what they are, a second rate knockoff. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I received my copy of Zombie Outlaw #1 in the mail. Zombie Outlaw is an interesting take on the zombie tale that’s not afraid to try something original and move away from what everything else is doing.

As far as origin stories go it was certainly nothing I’ve seen in any other comics before. It’s a bit of a romantic comedy setup mixed in with some wild west zombie attack flashbacks and what may be a promising bromance. When Matt Naismith is paired with the girl of his dreams as his lab partner he looks to his friend Will Simers in the hopes of getting some help wooing the lovely lady but Will’s research for his thesis does not go as planned and now they all find themselves on very unfamiliar turf.

I enjoyed reading this comic very much. Like I said before it’s an interesting and original take on the tired zombie concept. I enjoyed the quick pace of the writing and found the art style to be interesting and original which is not something you see every day in the comic world. I would certainly recommend picking this up and I hope to see more work from these guys in the future.


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