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Posted on 03 December 2010 by mpena

The Warrior’s Way is a goofy, hyper stylized, ultra violent fairy tale set in the old west. It centers on Yang (Dong-gun Jang), an assassin who has practiced his whole life to become the greatest swordsman in the world…ever. After besting the last member of a rival clan, he finds that his heart is empty and flees to America with the infant daughter of his last victim. In his search for an old friend, he happens upon a small town full of circus performers and meets the spunky Lynne (Kate Bosworth). The two quickly hit it off and Yang finds what was missing in his life. The simple things like, planting a garden, sunsets, and friendship begin to fill the void left by a lifetime of violence. But, we all know that won’t last. And when the town is threatened by a band of rouge soldiers, not to mention an army of vengeful ninjas who have tracked Yang down, all digital bloody hell breaks loose.

If you caught the trailer for Cowboys & Aliens recently and cannot wait for some genre bending fun, The Warrior’s Way might tide you over till next summer. You should know going in, the movie is not trying to portray any kind of realty. It’s complete fantasy. The effects are not on par with most studio blockbusters (the green screened backgrounds sometimes look like screenshots from Mortal Kombat) but it’s got a lot cool bloody ninjas vs. cowboys action. The whole film is shot on soundstage against a green screen ala Sin City but if you can get past that, it’s pretty fun. I happened to see a film print of it but if you can find it projected digitally at your favorite Cineplex, I’d bet it would look pretty darn sharp. Geoffrey Rush adds a little bit of Oscar clout to the film as Ron, the town drunk with a checkered past. The film feels pretty silly at first but it grows on ya and builds to bullet ridden splatter filled climax that features (as far as I know) the first ever use of a Ferris wheel in a shoot out. Thirteen year old boys will love this movie. Unfortunately they will all be buying tickets to Megamind and then sneaking in to The Warrior’s Way because of it’s richly deserved R rating. It’s graphically violent and features pixels after pixels of digital blood. But if your like me and you’ve grown a little tired of 3D cartoons and teenage wizards at the movies lately, The Warrior’s Way is a bloody fun change of pace. Check it out and take your thirteen year old nephews with you.

After all, a little digital blood never hurt anybody.

Have you guys seen it? I’d love to hear what you thought!

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