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The Mechanic – Review

Posted on 28 January 2011 by Kevin Minke

Starring Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland, Tony Goldwyn, and Mini Anden.
Rating: 4/5 stars

Within the first 15 minutes of this film you have everything an action movie needs; a bad guy (drug lord), an awesome kill, the hero escapes and then a beautiful woman getting down and dirty with him. What more can you ask for? Depth, 3-Dimensional characters, beautiful cinematography. Well in this reviewers humble opinion it has the action formula’s version of all of these. Now for those out there that do not know already, this is a remake of a classic Charles Bronson film of the same name from 1972. Like many of you out there, I had not seen the original before watching this version, and I’m really glad I had not. I came in not knowing where things were going, though I had a good idea from my extensive knowledge of film, nor did I have my critical comperative glasses on like many of the other critics in the audience.

If you liked The Transporter or any of the action films that Jason Statham has been in, then you should like this film. This story of betrayal, revenge and homicide has a good dose of humor and an excellent mixture of action and exposition. The original in my opinion, and I know I’ll get flamed for this somewhere out there, is just not as good as this great little remake. In good 1970′s form it takes a long while for the movie to open up and let you in. Though the truly disappointing aspects of the film are the characters that I just couldn’t really relate to. In the new Mechanic they aren’t just psychopaths out to kill cause it feels good, they have doubts and concerns though they still follow the job. This just breathes more life into not only Statham’s Arthur Bishop but into the reasons why he trains Steve McKenna (Ben Foster). Foster does of a great job of playing the disappointing son, that a lot of us can relate to, and strives to make something more of himself thanks to Bishop pulling him from a downward spiral of revenge.

If you’re looking for a good dose of action and some great Statham fight scenes then you can not ask for anything better than this. Believe me you will not be sorry.

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