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Tron Legacy: Review

Posted on 21 December 2010 by mpena

Tron Legacy, as you may or may not know is a sequel to Tron which came out in 1982. It was long before anyone knew what the hell a Windows or Mac based operating system was. Surely no one would have known that 28 years later you’d be carrying a phone in your pocket that was more powerful than the computer NASA used to send Apollo missions to the moon. That’s a simple fact you need to take into account when watching Tron Legacy. Also, Tron Legacy has practically nothing to do with the character named Tron and furthermore it has almost nothing to do with computers. There I said it. The Tron films have almost nothing to do with computers. I was personally never that big on computers anyway. I never even touched a Windows based computer until I was in college and I owned four different cars before I ever owned a single computer. When I was a kid watching the original Tron, as far I knew this movie about programs battling it out in gladiator games inside a computer was 100% scientifically accurate. I really didn’t know what the hell was going on but it looked really, really cool. For the sequel they could have concocted a storyline that was somehow more related to today’s technology. Maybe the whole movie could have taken placed inside of an I-phone but they didn’t. They chose to spin off into an alternate realty that’s more akin to the world Tron set up almost 30 years ago. One where no one ever heard of Bill Gates and Steve Job’s claim to fame might have been starting the most successful staffing agency in the history.

That’s just the choice they made. Get over it and let’s move on.

Everything you’ve heard about Tron Legacy is true. Yes, the computer generated de-aged Jeff Bridges looks a little stiff and unrealistic most of the time. Yes, there are slightly overlong scenes of exposition and dialogue that are probably a good time to take a bathroom break. Yes, the story line is wafer thin and yet confusing at the same time. But most importantly, YES, the 3-D and the Daft Punk soundtrack kick fucking ass. I don’t really feel the need to explain the plot of Tron Legacy in this review because honestly it doesn’t matter. And I’m not saying it’s bad, I actually enjoyed it. I, like a lot of people, can relate to the story of a young man with abandonment issues wanting to re-connect with his father. In my case it just never took place inside computer grid…whatever that is. It’s not that important. The film is at it worst when it tries to explain everything to the audience and at it’s best when Daft Punk is channeling John Carpenter on the soundtrack over multi-level 3-D light cycle fights on screen. It’s fantasy. We’ll figure it out or make up our own answer. I promise. It’s not the best written movie ever made but having just re-watched the original Tron, I’d say it’s just as good if not better written than the original. I don’t remember anyone ever reminiscing about how well written Tron was. But, they do remember that it looked fucking cool. If Aaron Sorkin wrote the instruction manual to your I-pad, would it make your apps any better? It’s irrelevant. The effects that were cutting edge in 1982 and now look hilariously dated are replaced effects that are exponentially, mind blowingly (is that a word?), better in 2010. And that’s really what it’s all about isn’t? It’s about marveling at the digital landscape that you’re seeing on screen. It’s about the experience. And on that level, Tron Legacy delivers.

Tron Legacy is a family friendly 3-D action adventure fantasy that everyone can enjoy. FYI, that’s generally what a Disney logo at the beginning of a film implies. If you’ve been standing on pins and needles feverishly anticipating Tron Legacy‘s arrival because you assumed it would a life changing experience you just might be disappointed. No film could ever live up to that kind of hype. But, if you take the whole family to see Tron Legacy on Christmas day you’ll have a good time at the movies. And maybe, just maybe, you can find the 8 year old in you, who never even knew, much less gave a shit how computers worked but, thought they were really, really cool. And then you can

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