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Date Announced For Steve Carell’s Final Office Episode

Posted on 14 March 2011 by TH3 No08

It looks like Steve Carell’s final appearance on “The Office” will take place on April 28, the first day of May sweeps. He will be joined on that episode by Will Ferrell as his temporary replacement. This looks to be the culmination of a season long plot in which the relationship status of Michael Scott and Holly Flax will finally come to a head. It has already been announced that Holly’s last episode will be March 24th so I’m assuming that what ever leads her to depart will eventually be the cause of Michael leaving a month later. Either way I’m ready to see where this story is going and who’s gonna be the next boss when Michael leaves. My pick right now is Darryl played by Craig Robinson. It’s time for the big man to shine…

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