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The Green Hornet: Aftermath

Posted on 14 April 2011 by TH3 No08

The Green Hornet: Aftermath

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Written By: Jai Nitz

Art By:Nigel Raynor

Rocketing out of the events of the monster hit movie, follow the continuing adventures of Green Hornet and Kato as a power struggle for control over drug trafficking in Los Angeles turns violent. Green Hornet and Kato are just starting out, but they’ve attracted attention from the cops, the drug pushers, and even Homeland Security! Britt and Kato keep their alter egos hidden, but a new set of masked men on the scene complicates matters.

I’m not a huge fan of movie/comic crossovers. I prefer them to stay within their own that’s why I didn’t think much of The Green Hornet: Aftermath when I picked it up. It looked like a piece of promotional material for the movie that came out a few months back and I don’t need to be sold on a movie that I was never really interested in seeing in the first place but I read it anyway and suprise of all suprises, it’s actually not a bad comic.

The book picks up where the movie left off, which is a bit of a mystery to me since i didn’t see the movie but that didn’t really hurt too much. It starts with the typical scenario of Kato doing all the heavy lifting and The Green Hornet showing up at the last moment to take all the credit only this time the credit is being given to someone else by a pair on nosy Home Land Security officers. They think TGH is one of Reid’s reporters, Cullen Hurtt and this doesn’t sit well with either of the guys. Kato and TGH want a bit of the credit they feel they should be getting but don’t want to out themselves to accept it.

I like the book, the character chemistry is interesting, the art is classic comic inspired and the cover is dynamic, straight off a movie poster. If you enjoyed The Green Hornet than this is certainly worth picking up and if you haven’t seen the movie but would like an introduction to the character this is definitely a good point to jump on and check it out.

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