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Noob Radio #33

Posted on 19 May 2011 by TH3 No08

This week on Noob Radio Richard and Christian discuss what’s in store for Will Ferrell and Mark Walberg, whether Gear box and Duke Nukem made the right decision in dropping the gay robot character, as well as review 3 great comics in this weeks Comic Break. All this and much more on this episode of Noob Radio…

listen here

listen here



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Schwarzenegger pulls in huge payday for first post Governator role…

Posted on 02 May 2011 by TH3 No08

Apparently taking 8 years off to play politics can be a very good thing for your career. According to deadline.com, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s just signed a huge deal being closed right now with Bill Block’s financier QED International to pay Schwarzenegger $10 million upfront and 25% first dollar gross on the back end. There’s questions as to whether Arnold can still pull in crowds like he did back in the day and this film will go a long way in answering that question.

The story revolves around a horse breeder (Schwarzenegger) who won the Kentucky Derby but whose wife and child get killed. He sinks into an alcoholic depression and winds up working for a hedge fund jerk who offers him a choice of getting fired or bringing back the rich guy’s son living with the ex-wife in Mexico. Unexpected plot twists ensue, including an Arnold-and-kid road trip back home.

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Conan Teaser Trailer Arrives…

Posted on 15 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Of all the remakes, reboots, and comic imaginations coming out this summer, this is probably the least interesting to me. I grew up knowing of Conan the comic but never really watched the movie version starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. After watching this teaser I’m not sure I’m gonna be going out of my way anytime soon to check this version out either. Enjoy your spooky dark Conan trailer…

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New Terminator For Ahnuld?

Posted on 16 February 2011 by Christian

Now that the Governator has left the office, could he be looking back into the Terminator franchise? According to Deadline just such a scenario is a possibility.

Notes the site, “Shortly after Arnold Schwarzenegger left the Governor

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Every Arnold Scream.

Posted on 29 November 2010 by mjones

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