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The Poster Wall #3

Posted on 01 April 2011 by TH3 No08

This week’s Poster wall is a mixed bag as far as quality goes. Some cool stuff, some average stuff. Let’s get going…

First up this week is a series of posters from the movie Thor that hits theaters in a few weeks. Much like last weeks POTC series, this series features the many characters in the upcoming movie in basic headshots. Nothing spectacular here, just your basic movie posters but the series as a whole is nice…










Up next is a group of posters from a few bigger budget movies hitting this summer. Most of these are average as well. I dig the Winnie the Pooh poster as well as the Hangover 2 poster. Both pretty indicative of what’s you get from those movies. The POTC posters are two more from the collection we featured last week. The russian version is of particular interest. I’m digging the post naval war vibe going on in that one…










Here’s a nice set of posters from a few smaller films that you might have to search a bit to find. The Hesher one is excellent. I love the black and white asthetics and the cigarette smoke. Throw in the old school red Metallica font used for the title and you really get a feel for the vibe they’re going here. My guess is that a good portion of the movie may take part in a laundry mat or a trailer park. Either way it looks like something I want to see. Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins looks crazy too. Man that red 13 really pops on that cloudy sky background. Good stuff…






These two are posters for some upcoming televison shows. They don’t really seem to be on the same level as most movie posters especially the True Blood one but I kinda like the Falling Skies one. Very District 9 and I love District 9…






Terrence Malicks “Tree of Life” film has been long delayed but will soon be seeing the light of day when it premiere at Caanes next month. If these posters are any indication this is gonna be one crazy movie…






And finally a few “fan made” posters from some of my favorite movies. The Jaws posters are two very different designs that capture the dynamic impact that Jaws as a move has made on our culture. When you’ve been made into Legos you’ve left your mark. The Kill Bill poster was created by Mondo Tees for a screening of “Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair” in L.A. last week. Very cool layout, design, and use of color that I hope will one day soon be available for purchase.






Well that’s it for this weeks posters. Check back next week for some more cool posters and if you come across one feel free to send it over and I’ll credit you when I post it…

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Local Heroes: About Time review

Posted on 29 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Time travel can be tricky. There are very few people who “kinda” understand it, it’s the type of subject that you either get it or you don’t. After reading Local Heroes: About Time, I’m pretty sure that Keith Quinn has a firm grasp on the subject as his latest book takes a look at the trials and tribulations of sidekick in training “Squire” and his adventures after accidentily time traveling and having to face the consequences of what his actions have unraveled.

Local Heroes is a sold bit of indy comic writing. Like I said before, dealing with time travel can be tricky but Keith Quinn handles it well. Throughout Local Heroes, Quinn adeptly layers story lines, building to a greater conclusion without committing the cardinal sin of not answering the questions raised in previous strips. He also does a great job of creating interesting characters marked in the tradition of classic super heroes yet still allows them to have a fresh new spin. The lead character “Squire” is a refreshing take on the classic boy wonder. He has been raised in the shadows of super heroes, growing up at Heroes Incorporated and training with UNION, but he still struggles to find an identity among the heroes that have surrounded him over the years. It’s not easy growing up and to have that portrayed in a comic character is not something you see every day.

The art is also very good. The cover is color, the interior in black and white but don’t let the b&w scare you away. The characters are well drawn and consistent throughout and the backgrounds are detailed, always giving you a good sense of where the comic is taking place.

The only real complaint I would have have regarding this comic is the amount of dialogue that often takes place. At times it can become quite “talky” leading to frames that are a bit cluttered with all the speech balloons. It’s understandable considering the amount of information that was required to get a handle on what was going on, but condensing a bit of dialogue here and there may go a long way in streamlining the flow of the comic and keeping the interest level up.

Overall a very good comic especially considering it is a collection of weekly strips. It could easily have become disjointed since it is a collection but they all play together nicely and come together to tell an interesting story. It’s certainly worth taking the time to check out and supporting a local artist who is putting out quality work.

Local Heroes: About Time is a collection of

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The Poster Wall #1

Posted on 18 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Instead of doing a bunch of separate post on every movie poster that gets released during the week I’m going to start collecting them in a weekly friday column that will feature some recently released posters and even a few rare/cool designs of classic posters (if i come across them). I love movie posters. I have collected them most of my life even decorating my apartments over the years with them like they were wallpaper or fine art. Now that I’ve grown up (and my wife will no longer let me hang them in the living room) I keep the walls of the studio where we record our podcast covered in movie posters to keep us inspired when we lose our spark. I hope you find some cool posters in this column that inspire you. Let’s get going…

Lets start off with a collection of posters for what looks to be a huge summer blockbuster and that’s Pirates of

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Comic Review: Carbon Grey 1 of 3

Posted on 15 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Carbon Grey 1 of 3

Sponsored by: www.comicbreak.com

Written By: Hoang Nguyen, Khari Evans, Paul Gardner and Mike Kennedy

Art by: by Khari Evans, Kinsuh Loh and Hoang Nguyen,

Script and Lettering by: Paul Gardner.

For generations the Sisters have protected and counseled the Kaiser, ruler of Mitteleuropa. However, this is a different time. At the birth of the industrial age a great war is raging. When the Kaiser is assassinated…Giselle is accused.

Pursued by her sisters and hunted by the enemy, Giselle must unravel the prophecy of the Carbon Grey before history itself is rewritten!

Carbon Grey may be an “adult” a comic as I have ever read. And I don’t mean adult in the sense that it is not for children (even though this is certainly not a child’s comic). I mean it more in the sense that this book is something that younger readers may have a very hard time wrapping their minds around. The layers are many, the themes complex, the writing sophisticated. So sophisticated in fact that it actually took me a couple of times to really get what was going on here.

Carbon Grey is all about revolution. Not just revolution in war sense but revolution in the way we look at the female heroine and women in general. The Sisters Grey (who this story is about) are not women to be fucked with. They each represent a different piece of revolution and together they make up a dangerous group willing to go to any end to achieve their goals. They are beautiful, manipulative, conniving assassins, and they use that to every advantage.

The art in this book is breathtaking at times. There is an Asian sensibility to the art in Carbon Gray but it is not derivative of the style, only inspired by it. It does not feature the typical anime features your are used to seeing in manga, but paints around the edges with them, giving you just a sense of what lies inside the minds of the artists who created this book.

The only real qualm I had with this book was the cover. There are some amazing images inside this book and to feature the image they did seems to do little justice for what lies inside. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, it just doesn’t really represent what this book is truly about.

Carbon Grey is a book that I can only recommend if you are serious about comics being art. This is not an easy read, but multiple readings will certainly open up worlds you may have not known existed in comics. If more writers took the approach to comics that Hoang Nguyen has, the average comic reader would have a very different view of the world than they do today.




















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LA Noire box art relased…

Posted on 24 February 2011 by TH3 No08

Rockstar released box art for one of it’s most anticipated games of 2010 and now 2011 today and I’m not super impressed with it.??? It’s pretty basic fare with nothing special going on. Certainly wouldn’t grab my eye if I was perusing the game stores and came across it. Then again it’s whats under the hood that counts and this one looks pretty good. check out the trailer below.

Set amid the violence and corruption of post-World War II Los Angeles, L.A. Noire is a crime thriller that seamlessly blends crime-solving, clue-finding, car chases and shoot-outs with revolutionary new interrogation-based gameplay that will allow players to read characters’ emotions in order to reveal the truth. Players will take on the role of Cole Phelps, a decorated war veteran, who rises through the ranks of the LAPD by solving a series of gruesome murders and other crimes that bring him face-to-face with the dark heart of Los Angeles during Hollywood’s Golden Age.

  • Published by: Rockstar Games
  • Developed by: Team Bondi
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release Date:
    US: May 17, 2011
  • Release Date:
    Europe: Q2 2011
  • Release Date:
    Australia: May 20, 2011
  • MSRP: $59.99
  • RP-T+ for Rating Pending
  • Also Available On: PlayStation 3

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The Noob News is going to STAPLE!

Posted on 11 February 2011 by Christian

The Noob News will be attending this years STAPLE! Media and Comic Expo on March 5th and 6th.

The seventh show will be on Saturday and Sunday March 5-6, 2011 in Austin at the Marchesa Hall and Theater.

That’s right, they expanded to two days!

There will be tons of guest and exibitors check out the partial list from the STAPLE! website:

A partial list of the early registrations is included below. Please visit these web sites and support independent creators.

Jill Thompson
? twitter.com/thejillthompson

? www.ecprinting.com

David Lamplugh

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First Concept Art For Battlestar Galactica: Blood And Chrome

Posted on 21 December 2010 by Christian

Blastr have got their hands on some cool looking concept art for Syfy’s upcoming two-hour pilot movie for Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome…

Blood And Chrome will focus on a young William Adama during the first Cylon War. Here is a short synopsis..

“Ensign William Adama, barely in his 20′s and a recent Academy graduate, finds himself assigned to the newest battlestar in the Colonial fleet … the Galactica. The talented but hot-headed risk-taker soon finds himself leading a dangerous top secret mission that, if successful, will turn the tide of the decade long war in favor of the desperate fleet.”

Executive producer David Eick calls Blood And Chrome “authentic, relentless depiction of combat and the agony and ecstasy of human-Cylon war, which was the hallmark of Battlestar Galactica’s early seasons.”. Not too much else is known yet though. No word on whether any other characters from the other shows will feature, but I imagine they will have to have Colonel Tighe in there somewhere!

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Cool New Captain America Concept Art And Thor Poster

Posted on 17 December 2010 by Christian

Check out a cool piece of original concept art from

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