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More From Kevin Feige On Captain America And The Avengers!

Posted on 13 December 2010 by Christian

In some more highlights from his recent Q&A, he discusses casting Chris Evans as Captain America after he’s already played a superhero, comments on the character place in The Avengers, and says to expect Red Skull pictures soon…

In his lengthy Q&A with The Los Angeles Times: Hero Complex on Friday, it was easy to miss some of what Feige had to say (for all that info which includes loads of new stuff on current and future Marvel Studios movies, click HERE) so here are the final few highlights from that interview which I thought you guys might find interesting.

On Chris Evans As Captain America And Sebastian Stan As Bucky:

“We figured if Harrison Ford could be Indiana Jones and Han Solo, Chris Evans could play Torch and Cap. Bucky plays an important part in the film. Sebastian Stan’s done a tremendous job playing him.”

On Whether Captain America Will Be Able To Match Up To Iron Man And Thor In The Avengers:

“Evans owns the screen as Cap and is going to hold his own and then some.”

On When We Can Expect To See The First Pictures Of Hugo Weaving As The Red Skull:


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