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Comcast gives Netflix the Finger, Demands cash

Posted on 30 November 2010 by mjones

“Screw You!” says Comcast to Netflix over a piddling pile of Pennies. “We demand cash, or we’ll slow down or stop your streaming videos. Net-Neutrality be damned!”

“But this is robbery!”, said the puppy-eyed and awfully cute Netflix. “We’ll take you to the Fed court you big mean bullies!”

The big, evil, (and in bed with NBC through their proprietary streaming service) Rampaging Comcast-Beast, hunched its evil shoulders and said, “Nay you will lose! This is merely a business disagreement, and hath nothing to do with freedom of information.”

And Lo, the battle raged… but few people realized how important of a battle it was.


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Comcast Launches New Streaming Site

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

The cable giant has officially dipped its toes into the coming streaming-video war by launching “the free online portion of its Xfinity TV service,” giving all 23 million or so Comcast subscribers the ability to get video on-demand online. The site offers access to all four major networks, the premium channels, and the entire roster of basic cable, along with movies. That’s 150,000 videos, and the message to Hulu and Netflix is clear: your move. [Variety]

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