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6 New Trailers For Star Wars: The Complete Saga Tease Deleted Scenes & More

Posted on 14 September 2011 by Christian

Check out these six vids that hope to amp up your excitement enough to purchase the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars saga after the news of George Lucas’s scene meddling. They are pretty cool though..

Well are you sold? Me, I’ll be renting them. Maybe. But those glimpses of previously unseen footage did grab my attention I must admit. Star Wars: The Complete Saga will be released in the US this Friday and is currently available in the UK and Ireland on Blu-ray and DVD.

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Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #1

Posted on 02 February 2011 by Christian

Comic Break Review:

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Original Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Costume Fails to Sell at Auction!

Posted on 27 November 2010 by Christian

What would you pay for a complete, authentic,

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Most Bizarre Thing Ever: Darth Vader in a Japanese Cell Phone Commercial

Posted on 12 November 2010 by Christian

Darth Vader goes to rave, hangs out at skateboarding park and sits at a campfire.

I don’t get it.

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Darth Vader & James Earl Jones Like You’ve Never Seen/Heard ‘Em Before

Posted on 10 November 2010 by Christian

Combine footage from

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