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Rumor: The Dark Knight Rises Script Leaks

Posted on 07 January 2011 by Christian

We have already seen one fake script featuring every single Bat villain mentioned in rumor and speculation. But now Scriptflags have been sent a much more authentic sounding document that may or may not be an early draft of Chris Nolan’s third Batman flick..

A while ago a “leaked” script for TDKR popped up online but was quickly debunked as a fake. Well here we go again. Only this time scriptflags have details of a 165 page draft dated 2010. They say that if it is a fake it’s the best fake they have ever come across, and they would see a lot! Anyway, here are the details..

Deadshot is featured being broken out of prison by The Society, headed by The Black Mask.

In Gotham, Batman has become a “myth”. Crime is down so he keeps a low profile. He has a new aerial vehicle called The Wraith, a military prototype with a 40 foot wingspan.

Wayne Manor has been rebuilt, with a new Batcave.

Deadshot meets with Black Mask(who wears an “ebony skull”). He is also an associate of Roland Dagget, CEO of Dagget Industries.

Apparently Nolan has merged the characters of Hugo Strange and Edward Nashton. Nashton, like Strange in the comics, figures out Batman’s identity and toys with him. Despite Nashton’s appearance, no mention is made of The Riddler. He would appear to be a completely different character.

Jim Gordon is said to play out his role almost identically as he does in Prey, hunting Batman with the aid of a Detective Adams.

Talia Al Ghul makes a brief appearance, but no mention is made of a primary female villain, or indeed of the secondary female character Nolan is said to be currently casting. This suggests that if this is on the level, its a very early draft.

That’s pretty much where Scriptflags’ synopsis ends. You can click the link below to see their wording. They make no more mention of the part Deadshot would play or how Talia fits into the story. They say they are waiting for word on its authenticity before going into any more detail. What do you think? Could these be genuine plot details from a draft of Chris and Jonathan Nolan’s

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