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Game Of Thrones 25 Minute Making Of Documentary!

Posted on 19 April 2011 by Christian

Thanks to our friends over at HeyUGuys, we have this interesting new 25 minute making of featurette for the highly anticipated HBO series, Game of Thrones

Summers span decades, winters can last a lifetime, and the struggle for the Iron Throne has begun. It will stretch from the south, where heat breeds plots, lusts and intrigues; to the vast and savage eastern lands; all the way to the frozen north, where an 800-foot wall of ice protects the kingdom from the dark forces that lie beyond.Kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars, lords and honest men

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Armadillo Afghan War Documentary Trailer is Here…

Posted on 08 April 2011 by TH3 No08

Last years “Restrepo” was one of the better documentaries of the year and this film looks to be in a similar vein. In Armadillo, a team of film makers spent six months with a Danish platoon in Afghanistan using striking visuals to tell this story in a way never seen before. This looks very cool.


The first documentary ever chosen to compete in the International Critics

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‘Troll 2′ Star Seeks to ‘Destroy’

Posted on 17 February 2011 by Christian

Michael Stephenson was the child star of the 1990 horror picTroll 2, a

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Strongman – Official Trailer

Posted on 02 February 2011 by Christian

Strong Man

A man strong enough to bend a penny with just his fingers, Stanless Steel reaches middle age, career disappointments and difficult personal relationships that begin to test his strengths and force him to struggle with the weaknesses around him — including his own.

Released on 2009
Directed by: Zachary Levy
Starring: Stanley Pleskun

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Banksy or Mr. Brainwash?

Posted on 01 February 2011 by TH3 No08

If you’ve listened to the podcast over the months you’d surely know my deep affection for the Banksy directed film “exit through the giftshop”. The documentary keeps you guessing who’s who and what are the intentions of the mysterious street artist and his new protege. Now that he’s been nominated for best documentary MBW has stepped up his game and dropped a whole new layout to promote his nomination. (photos from laist.com)

MBW Signature

Is this MBW prepping for the the Academy Awards? If Gift Shop wins, who will go onstage to accept? And…is MBW really Banksy?

This is the statement Bansky made after he found out he was nominated,

This is a big surprise. I don

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Sundance: Why Phife Dawg Broke Down at the Premiere of A Tribe Called Quest

Posted on 26 January 2011 by Christian

Q-Tip has made it

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Will a Lawsuit Prove That Catfish Was Staged?

Posted on 05 December 2010 by Christian

Since the documentary

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