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John Favreau not returning for Iron Man 3!

Posted on 15 December 2010 by TH3 No08

This just in, John Favreau has informed Marvel Studios that he will not be returning to direct Iron Man 3. Favreau Tweeted yesterday that he was leaving Iron Man3 to work on the film Magic Kingdom, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from speculation that he has left as a result of the ongoing cost cutting moves regarding the feature film budgets over at Marvel.

I for one hate to see him go. He’s brought a level of excitement to these adaptations rarely seen in comic book movies. I think the biggest thing is he respects the source material and up to this point hasn’t let the studio bully him into making a corny toy fest (i’m looking at you Fantastic Four).

No one seems to be lined up to replace him as of yet but i wouldn’t be surprised to see a music video director or someone with a real visual flair to step in and take over the franchise. It’s yet to be seen if Robert Downey Jr. will be returning as Iron Man after The Avengers, but if he does I expect he will have a large hand to play in who replaces Favreau.

The noob has spoken…

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