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A quick look at some new Captain America footage (Updated with better quality video)

Posted on 22 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Here’s a quick peek at some Captain America: The First Avenger footage that was shown on Entertainment Tonight last night. Lots of action and even some shield tossing in there. The trailer will premiere tonight on ET…
Captain America: The First Avenger will be released in 3D on July 22.

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Comic Review: Carbon Grey 1 of 3

Posted on 15 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Carbon Grey 1 of 3

Sponsored by: www.comicbreak.com

Written By: Hoang Nguyen, Khari Evans, Paul Gardner and Mike Kennedy

Art by: by Khari Evans, Kinsuh Loh and Hoang Nguyen,

Script and Lettering by: Paul Gardner.

For generations the Sisters have protected and counseled the Kaiser, ruler of Mitteleuropa. However, this is a different time. At the birth of the industrial age a great war is raging. When the Kaiser is assassinated…Giselle is accused.

Pursued by her sisters and hunted by the enemy, Giselle must unravel the prophecy of the Carbon Grey before history itself is rewritten!

Carbon Grey may be an “adult” a comic as I have ever read. And I don’t mean adult in the sense that it is not for children (even though this is certainly not a child’s comic). I mean it more in the sense that this book is something that younger readers may have a very hard time wrapping their minds around. The layers are many, the themes complex, the writing sophisticated. So sophisticated in fact that it actually took me a couple of times to really get what was going on here.

Carbon Grey is all about revolution. Not just revolution in war sense but revolution in the way we look at the female heroine and women in general. The Sisters Grey (who this story is about) are not women to be fucked with. They each represent a different piece of revolution and together they make up a dangerous group willing to go to any end to achieve their goals. They are beautiful, manipulative, conniving assassins, and they use that to every advantage.

The art in this book is breathtaking at times. There is an Asian sensibility to the art in Carbon Gray but it is not derivative of the style, only inspired by it. It does not feature the typical anime features your are used to seeing in manga, but paints around the edges with them, giving you just a sense of what lies inside the minds of the artists who created this book.

The only real qualm I had with this book was the cover. There are some amazing images inside this book and to feature the image they did seems to do little justice for what lies inside. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, it just doesn’t really represent what this book is truly about.

Carbon Grey is a book that I can only recommend if you are serious about comics being art. This is not an easy read, but multiple readings will certainly open up worlds you may have not known existed in comics. If more writers took the approach to comics that Hoang Nguyen has, the average comic reader would have a very different view of the world than they do today.




















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UPDATE!!!!! UPDATE!!! A better look at Chris Evans as Captian America

Posted on 13 January 2011 by TH3 No08

Here’s a higher rez/better quality version of the picture we posted yesterday. Still looks great, still don’t know what the hell those guys behind him are…

Lets round out today’s costume reveals with the tri-fecta. Here’s a scan of an Entertainment Weekly photo from aintitcool.com featuring

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Captain America Trailer To Be Delayed, Apparently Footage “Isn’t Amazing”

Posted on 11 January 2011 by Christian

Nothing official here, but word is that the trailer will be some time away and the general consensus of those that have already viewed it is not too positive!..

When those few seconds of footage aired on ET last week everyone assumed that Marvel would be getting ready to unleash more footage and maybe even the full trailer very soon. It looks like that’s not to be I’m afraid. Word is that we will be waiting a little (maybe a lot) longer for that highly anticipated trailer for Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger.

Branding Consultant Greg Littley had this to say..

Not good news.. I’m hearing that the

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