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Alcon/WB Want Christopher Nolan For Their Blade Runner Spin Offs

Posted on 04 March 2011 by Christian

We have an update on yesterday’s news that Alcon Entertainment (a WB subsidiary) has bought the rights to Blade Runner. Apparently Chris Nolan is in the studio’s sights to direct when ans IF any movies even happen..

I have to say, I got a bit of a scare when I thought that a Blade Runner reboot was going to be forced upon us. But it turns out thing aren’t quite so bad, and potentially good! Original producer and rights holder Bud Yorkin wouldn’t sell the rights for a remake of Ridley Scott’s classic, only the rights to make spin offs. So that means sequels and or prequels.

In an interview with io9, the gents that purchased the rights Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove name check Christopher Nolan as the man they would like to see bring their new vision of Philip K Dick’s story to life..

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