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RIP Gamestation 226

Posted on 25 October 2011 by TH3 No08


It seems like only yesterday that i brought you home, all shiny with that new console smell. I had waited a long time to pick you up in the hopes that the price on you would come down but I had a pocket full of money and you looked like a orphaned puppy in need of a new home. I remember the first game we played like it was yesterday. we popped in a fresh copy of GTA IV and set out on a great adventure that I still think about to this day. It was a great first couple of months that turned into a great couple of years. What a ride huh?
Truth be told the real reason I bought you wasn’t the great games you promised but the opportunity to watch movies in HD for the first time. We picked up RAMBO and when we popped it in for the first time we were stunned. The picture was amazing. No more silly compression artifacts or low quality AC3 audio for me! We jumped straight into 720p video and uncompressed audio that damn near blew the windows out with that high bit rate and thunderous low end. (I know, I know, 720p was all my tv could handle at the time but that has since been remedied as I know rock the full 1080p plasma. Trust me the wait was worth it.)
You weren’t just a great console/entertainment center you were also a great friend to my kids who have both grown up playing your awesome games. I still remember the first time my 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter went multi-player on Lego Star Wars. I watched in amazement as they got along and played cooperatively on a video game that was graphically light years ahead of anything I could have imagined just a few years ago. In my children’s short time as video gamers they have experienced gaming opportunities that I never dreamed was possible as a child who grew up playing Super Mario Bros and Zelda on a little 12 inch black and white television.
It seems a bit ironic that you died just a few hours into what was one of the most promising new games I’ve played in a long while. Batman Arkham City was just too much for your little processor/Blu-Ray drive to take. So while I will soon replace you I will not be getting rid of you anytime soon. You have now become a 400+ dollar Netflix player who I hope my children will appreciate and take care of when you move off the big tv and up stairs to one of the kids rooms. In closing I’d like to thank you for the hundreds of hours of entertainment you’ve provided my kids and I over the last few years and I look forward to your shiny new replacement who may take your place on my entertainment console, but will never take your place in my heart.

RIP Gamestation 226, The best console a boy could have ever hoped for.

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