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COMICS: Iceman Bids Farewell To Cyclops In Preview Of Uncanny X-Men #544!

Posted on 14 October 2011 by Christian

In a lettered preview of the final issue of Uncanny X-Men, witness the emotional goodbye between Cyclops and Iceman! “You, me, Jean, Warren and Hank. We were the Beatles Scott. Don’t ever forget it.”

‘Eulogy’ After the hammer-blow of FEAR ITSELF and the violence of SCHISM, it can’t go on. It’s the end of the Uncanny X-Men. And who better to provide a stirring eulogy than… MISTER SINISTER? Join us for the end of the industry-shaping series with the return of the 19th century’s finest morally dubious scientist.




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RUMOR: First X-Men: First Class Trailer Details!

Posted on 10 January 2011 by Christian

Supposedly, the first trailer for Fox’s

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