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This is the future, at least until something better comes along

Posted on 06 September 2010 by TH3 No08

The Panasonic AF100

The Panasonic Af100 looks to be the next generation in digital slr video cameras. According to the video below, it has all the great things that have made the indy film world fall in love with the digital slr’s, but without all the drawbacks. A couple of the drawbacks addressed by this camera include pro audio connections, the anti-aliasing issue has been addressed as well as the jello effect when shooting fast motion. It comes with all the bells and whistles we’ve been looking for but without the drawbacks and it’s being listed under $6,000 (without lenses). This is a major step forward and could be another blow against the mighty RED camera that was the hype of the industry just a few years ago. With a price this low, and the ability to shoot with a “film like” quality, I say lets do this…

photo courtesy of gizmag.com

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